Friday, August 4, 2017

stupid humans (By Freya)

Human mom hiding because she's sick

Oh yay! It's Friday, Friday, it's Friday. As I human mom am helping Freya with her blog, she's clawing at the bed and being a silly kitty cat. Her typical Freya fashion. Typically beautiful and typically sassy. All torti-tude. She wanted me to remind everyone that I work for her. 

Yeah, without further ado, I'll leave the floor to Freya. Since I'm writing for Freya tonight it won't be in lol cat. 

Yes, hello, it's me Freya. The humans think it's kind of silly that I like to share my toys with people while their in the bathroom. I try to put them all under the door because the humans forgot about me. But when I'm in the bathroom with them I don't play with toys. I sit in the bathtub, and look around. Mom human thinks that's silly. She says to me, "Freya, you're not taking a bath. You don't even like water." I tell her, "But mom, the water isn't on." I just like relaxing in the tub. 

Oh human man said something today that bothered me. I was sitting by my bowl because I was hungry. He said it wasn't feeding time, and that human sister needed to get me water. I tried tell him that I was hungry and not thirsty a few times and he didn't listen! He made human sister get me water only! I wanted food. It got me mad. Tonight I'm going to get my kitty revenge. 

I also got yelled at for being in the pantry room a bit ago. Mom human told me to get out. She said the last few times I walked in there without people knowing, they shut the door and couldn't find me for a few hours. I wasn't scared or mad when I was alone I liked it. I know how to cry and scratch. But human mom and dad said I can't stay in their because I might poop on the floor. I wouldn't I promise. 

That's all Freya has to say. I love all my human friends. Love Freya 

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