Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Freya time

Before I let Freya share her blog post, I want to share something, because I don't think people think that Freya knows what's going on during these blogging sessions and that she's not around me when I tell her it's blogging day. This little furball behind me is Freya, this photo was taken just now. She knows what time it is, and she's ready for her input. That, that's a cat who's ready to blog and talk about the life of a turtle tortoiseshell cat.

I'm going to be helping Freya write for awhile, lol cat is really hard to read sometimes. I know it and Freya and I are really sorry.
Freya. Freya. 

Freya's blog: 

Miss human girl says I've been overly friendly to her lately. I like to wake her up in the morning after she feeds me so we can talk. I like talking with human mom girl. She's nice, she feeds me and we love to cuddle. We cuddled all last morning. We called this morning too. She says it makes her happy. It makes me happy to cuddle. 

Adult human girl and I have a bond that I don't have with my little human girl. Little human girl is my best friend, and the first person I go to, but adult human girl and I are different. She feeds me, shares stuff with me and talks to me like I'm important. Little human girl is who I love to protect and who I spend time with.

Tomorrow, adult human and I have something to do for my blog for Friday. I don't know what it is, and she won't tell me. I want to know what it is. Oh well. I'll find out soon.

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