Monday, July 3, 2017

What would I be like in 100 years?

Hypothetically, have you ever wondered what you'd look like in 100  years? If you survived a hundred years more without going of the deep end, what would you look like or how would behave. I'm nearly certain that there isn't going to be any hover cars. we were supposed to have them 17, years ago and there still hasn't been any.

How I'd look.
I tried to find an app or a website to help me, but all I got was a website that aged me 20 years and well, I look like the crypt keeper. Or an alien. Possibly the alien crypt keeper. I don't have any websites that are good enough to give people an idea about what I'll look like in 100 years. I can guess if I did survive, I'd either a) be a talking head, like on Futurama (hopefully), or my skin would be so baggy, and saggy, that I'd need tons of creams to keep my face on.

How I'd feel:
Considering, I may have an autoimmune problem, and if I survived 100 years longer, I'm almost certain that I would be extra sore, and extra cranky. I hope to not have a cane because it'd be my whomping stick. I'd go through moments of not wanting to eat. I don't condone suicide but if I lasted 100 more years, I'd more than likely want to die.

What would I do:

If I wasn't wheelchair bound? Easy I'd be the grandma that's dancing and acting stupid. Now if I'm just a floating head in a jar, I'd sleep more often, and just wake up for food. Can floating heads get fat? I'm just wondering.

What the world would be like:
I think the world would be just as it is now corrupt, crazy, and people trying to destroy themselves. That's what I think will end up happening. But what do I know? I'm not going to be around that long. At least I hope.

So now that I'm done taking a weird trip, down "What if Lane" what do you think you'd be like in 100 years.

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