Monday, July 31, 2017

Nerdy questions you were afraid to ask me

Lately, I've been playing UnovaRPG, a Pokemon RPG of sorts. I admit it, I like Pokemon, but most people don't really know about me and my strange love to certain video games. So I figured since I've been sick and haven't really done much it's time for one of those tag things today instead of tag Thursday since I've been MIA for awhile.

10 questions you may be wondering
  1. Do you watch Naruto?
    I used to watch Naruto, but I haven't been much of a fan now that I've grown older. For a long time, I wanted a leaf village headband so I could do the whole Naruto thing. My brother had a headband, but I really didn't care for it as much.
  2. What do you spend time on your computer doing when you're not blogging or working?
    I love to play games. The Sims 2 is my go-to game right now. I The Sims 2, The Sims 3, The Sims 4 and The Sims Medieval, but I still have a soft spot for the Sims 2 for some reason. So it's usually me playing the Sims 2. 
  3. What Nerdy TV shows and YouTube channels do I like?
    I haven't been watching too many TV shows, as much as I like watching YouTube, my favorite nerdy YouTube isn't overly nerdy or dorky. I have Foamy, Happy Tree Friends, Ask a Mortician, Walk the Prank, and Matthias to give you a little bit of an idea. I'm pretty eclectic when it comes to YouTube. 
  4. What kind of cookies do I like?
    This isn't nerdy exactly, I mean who likes computer cookies? I like chocolate chip or white chocolate chip. I will go to the dark side if they had good cookies.
  5. Favorite type of game?
    I've always been a fan of simulated life like games, and games that are the puzzle, brain sort of games. I like using my head and creating things as much as I can. I do like the virtual story games that they have out as well. Those games are always cool. They remind me of the choose your own adventure books when I was younger.
  6. Do you have any nerdy collections?
    I have a few I have a Nintendo collection, which includes Pokemon, and Mario Brother's Characters, There's Pop vinyl, some Ninja Turtle stuff, My Little Pony, and Plants vs. Zombies.
  7. What's your opinion of Tumblr?
    I like it sometimes, but I hardly ever use it. I kind of forget about it most of the time. I know I probably shouldn't but I do.
  8. How much do you know about computers?
    I know the basics. I used to be much better at it, but the older I got the less I knew about computers?
  9. Anime or Manga?
    I like Manga better, I can actually imagine the characters a bit better if I"m reading something rather than seeing it on TV. 
  10. What was the last nerdy movie that you saw in theaters?
    Ghost in a Shell

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