Friday, July 21, 2017

A review from Freya

Sadly I didn't take a picture of Freya or Freya eating her cat food she got in the mail today, so I just copied the picture from Purina instead, then I'll let Freya have the floor to talk about the wonders known as her cat food.

Image result for fancy feast tuna with real milk

todai mom hooman got somethin in da mail. i knew wut it wuz teh second man hooman gaev her teh box. mom hooman promisd me dat shd git sum kat fud 4 me try, so i can talk 2 peeps bout wut gud fud mom hooman gaev me.

mah fancy feast had yummy tuna, gravy, an milk! i drank all mah milk gravy furst, it tastd so gud. mom hooman laughd an sed 2 me, "freya, iz teh kat fud dat gud." ignord her cuz i rly wantd 2 eat mah fud all gone.

i eatd an i eatd, monkey didnt liek sharin teh kat fud wif me but mom hooman sed 2 share cuz teh fud wuz 4 both ov us. we both shard r foodz. thank u, mom hooman ure amazin. they only givd me wan kat fud can though! i needz moar, an mom hooman only gaev me sum ov mah othr kat fud.

aftr eatd mah fud i cuddld wif mom hooman put mah pah on her chest an sed thank u vry mutch 4 da yummy suprize. well thaz all i wants 2 say rite nao. im sleepy, freyas r busy kittehs

*This cat food was given to me in my PinchMe box, all opinions are my Freya's own opinion. This post was cross posted on Fuzzy Furry Paws

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