Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A quick happy birthday to Freya

It's a very special day, at least in the world of Freya. Freya's human mom here. Wishing Freya a happy birthday. It was a guess that Freya's a year old, cats don't go into heat until they're about 4 months. She went into heat before we made her appointment to get spayed. Which I figured was the 4 month point. 

I suck at math but when I added 4 months to that time, it put Freya into being born sometime in July. She's you're typical torishell cat, she has her tortitude (torti-attitude) and she also has such a beautiful personality. 

Imagine she just walked into the apartment like she owned the place. Since we had her she gained a lot of weight. Please be prepared that the rest of this entry is going to be picture heavy, with the evolution of Freya/

A cute little kitty nose

The purely sassy cat 

Freya, busy learning

This is how she sleeps

Freya the first night we got her. She looks pretty scraggly don't she

🎵🎵I'm the cat in the box Buried in my shit
Won't you come and save me.🎵🎵

getting tosty with a fan. 

Another first picture of Freya, to see how much she's grown in the past few months is nuts. Thank you Freya

Happy birthday to my favorite little kitten. Torti cat, Freya/

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