Friday, June 2, 2017

Time to Penguin

Freya's human here, Freya's busy sleeping next to me, all content and stuff. She looks so comfortable. I tried asking Freya before her nap if she wanted to say anything to the people of my blog. Her response was, "Let me sleep girl human." So I let her sleep.

I have finally taught Freya a trick, it's called penguin. To penguin someone must rub their nose against Freya's nose. She'll put her nose to yours if you ask her to, and if you don't look straight at her. Cat's hate being looked at straight on. So we rub noises together. She'll rub her nose against mine and we'll be done. She only likes  to do penguin once, you're lucky if you get it twice.

Penguins are my way of bonding with Freya, I used to have a cat that would kiss me after he relaxed on my lap or on my neck at night, and I had a cat that would sit or give paw for her treats, so I knew Freya was smart enough to do so. While I know I should let Freya be the cat that she is regal and beautiful penguin time is very important to me, it calms me a little bit and it gets me to bond with my best friend. 

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