Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Sims Tag

It's Tag Thursday, and it took a while trying to figure out what tag I was going to do there's so many out there, and I wanted to give a bit more insight to who I am, it was a tough one. But I kind of went a little bit off the wall here, since I was thinking what I'd do while I was playing The Sims, and I realized a few things 1) There wasn't really any actual The Sims tags on Tumblr, or even YouTube, that made me think of an idea! 2)I better make one myself. Why not?! It'd work, right? I'm creative so here it goes.

What's your favorite Sims expansion? 
My favorite Sims expansion is The Sims 2 Freetime. While The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 have been out I enjoyed and still enjoy Playing The Sims 2 Freetime. It was the one expansion pack that was the most interesting. My Sims are able to have hobbies and Sims who are townies are able to age as well. It was annoying not having a friend or a possible partner to still be a child while you age. 

How old were you when you got into The Sims and how did it happen? 
I think I was  16. My dad had a family staying with him and the lady happened to have an 'addiction' to The Sims, and I remember standing in awe for awhile until I learned that my cousin had the game as well. So I was interested in playing it.

What was the first time playing The Sims like?
It was weird, I didn't know any cheats, or what I was doing. I had a house that was microscopic, and my Sim ended up having a baby, and I had no clue how to take care of it. I went back home to tell my sister that my Sim had her baby taken away because she didn't take care of it. My sister's whole response was, "Didn't you use the cheats?" I looked at her dumbfounded, "What cheats." Yeah, my baby could have grown up if I knew. 

What's one of the weirdest Sim moments ever?
The weirdest was when I was playing The Sims 3. Had some mods and custom content, and I don't know how the genders got mistaken, but I went fishing and realized one of my other Sims, a girl named Josephine, had the man's bald haircut. I was confused but I laughed. The poor girl looked funny. 

Image may contain: 1 person
This is Josephine by Chance
Mods or no mods?
I'm not a fan of mods unless they're like Story Progression for The Sims 3 or something like that, but I'm more a fan of custom content. I like making my Sims look pretty, or unique. I even had all the custom content to turn my Sim, on The Sims 3 look like a Night Elf from World of Warcraft. She even had a pet raccoon.

What Sims games do/did you play?
I've played almost all of the games, even the 'games' that weren't popular, didn't make it or they were a little bit obscure. I loved The Sims Medieval and played the Urbz. I really haven't played many of the new expansions for The Sims 4 yet. I like waiting until the go down in price for the holidays and scoop a few games up at a time. 

What kind of content would you like to see for The Sims that hasn't happened yet?
It might be the weirdest idea of conent, but I have yet to see someone do a mod for it, or anything close. While I know like a lot of the Sims games have apartments, and The Sims 3 had daycare and everything. I think it would be neat if they made a sort of senior living facility for The Sims. Even if I thought the idea I read on The Sims website about making a farm expansion did sound pretty cool, a nursing home would be neat as well.

The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, or The Sims 4, and why?The Sims 3 I like a lot, but I like the Sims 2 a little more. The Sims 3 has mermaids, fairies and stuff, but The Sims 2, I liked inviting the headmaster over, playing Open 4 Business, I don't think it's the same as The Sims 3's market it just didn't feel the same. I also liked adopting pet wolves as well. 

Do you have any Favorite The Sims challenges?
I really wasn't a fan of the challenges as much. I did try the zombie challenge, making 7 people on the Sims 3 and if a zombie had his eyes set on the person they'd die, there's even be trying for a baby when they could. It was interesting, but it really didn't last long. I did just like making my sims homeless on The Sims 3, had them dig through the dumb or dumpster dive to find what they needed for their house. 

There you have it, a bit of The Sims tag for a bit of a change. Feel free to copy it, just make sure that you credit me. 

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