Friday, June 30, 2017

Na Na na Cat tag

Freya and I were talking about her blogging and everything, so I was watching other cat lovers online, and watching cat lover's videos, they can warm anyone's, cold black heart. We did find a cool cat tag which was meant for YouTube, but I copied and plan on using it. I'll answer the questions first, and then I'll have Freya answer them, since it is Freya's day and Freya's blog day.

1. How many cats do you have?

Two Monkey, who's a ticked tabby, and Freya the sassy tori cat who likes to blog.
2. What do you feed your cat?
It's Rachel Ray's cat food. I don't know the name of it.
3. What is your cat's favorite toy?
Freya loves toys, and she has many of her own, but what she really loves is her 'stringy' which was a draw string from my pants. She'll march up to someone and set it in her lap for them to play with her.
4. What's your cat's favorite treat?
She likes anything sweet, oatmeal, no bake cookie dough, honey buns.
5. What type of litter does your cat use?
We get what ever's cheap and low dust.
6. Where does your cat like to sleep?
She usually sleeps on the back of the couch, but some times she chooses under the bed, or under the entertainment center.
7. In 1 word, how would you describe your cat's personality?
8. Does your cat go outside?
Nope, she lived outside when we found her. She likes to sleep by the window though.
9. Does your cat "talk" to you?
I understand what she's saying by her facial expressions, but she doesn't talk to me.
10. Does your cat like to cuddle with you?
It depends on the day. Some days she doesn't want to cuddle other days she only cuddles so she can get food.

Freya's answers

1. How many cats are there in your home?
Thar r 2 kats Monkey an me. I wish it wuz only me, Monkeys old, meen an he eats mah fud.

2. What does your human feed you?
Yucky kat fud. Hooman gurl sez even if I doan liek it, but Im eatin it. Shez not going 2 buy me new fud. It tast yucky. I trid burryin it in da floor a few tiems

3. What is your favorite toy?
I liek stringy, an hair tiez. Mom hooman yess at me when I find hair tiez shez made cuz I liek drownin mah hair tiez.

4. What's your favorite treat?
Oat meal, Freya lovez oatmeal. Not teh kind in da box, but teh kind in da containr

5. What type of litter does your human use to clean your box?
I doan knoe. I doan knoe how 2 read.

6. Where do you like to sleep?
Undr mom humanz bed, teh bak ov teh couch, teh floor or mom humanz bed.

7. In 1 word, how would you describe your personality?

8. Do you go outside?
No, outside iz scary. I liek bean inside wer iz comfortable. Peeps fed me inside, and an Im not afraid Ill git ran ovar in da apartment.

9. Do you "talk" to people?
I cant speek hooman. I wants 2 talk 2 hooman mom an hooman sistr it. It wud be kewl
10. Do you like to cuddle with humans?
Sometimez, cuddlin iz fun, I sleep upside down, an I lick hooman moms hanz so she knows I luv her.

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