Monday, June 26, 2017

My time on Colour Lovers,

I've been doing something weird lately, I guess it isn't too weird, but it's something a bit different. I've been playing on Colour Lovers, it's a site that's great for artists, web designers, fashion designers and everywhere in between. It has a lot of cool stuff.

I love finding a random photo and making a color scheme from it. Something like the teddy bear clothes pins turns into something like the color scheme under it. I called the scheme gummy bear and then when I finally get done with the schemes I love to find a few new patterns that I think the bears would look cool with.

These are the cool patterns that I used my gummy bear color scheme from. 

I actually chose a bear pattern, because I was curious what a bear would look like with my gummy bear scheme, and then I used the pattern with the flowers

I really do suggest this site for anyone who wants be creative. It's tons of fun, and it's pretty easy to use, 

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