Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Making money online

I actually am dedicating this post to my sister. Who's curious about the world of online stay at home jobs, and since I've been around the block a few times with learning about the jobs, and being taught what to look for I figured dropping the list here can help more people? As a disclaimer some of these sites do include an affiliate link or a refferal code.

Quick Tips

  • Don't listen to false claims. Nobody makes $1,000 a week doing anything online, unless they're stealing your credit card information, or are a hacker.
  • Never pay a company to work for them. That's usually a red flag that they're up to no good. 
  • Always see if there's proof of payment from other folks, it's usually on the site of the places, or you can type in [site name] Payment proof
  • Always search google for the site you're signing up for. If it's a site that's no good, people will say so. Sometimes there are people who just like to cause trouble and make noise about a site. 
There are many types of jobs out there, from doing surveys, which is what I usually do to get a little bit of money, I really don't make more than $50-$75 a month, I'm lucky if I make it to $100. But there are other sites as well like odd job sites, freelance sites, telecommunication jobs, data entry, and there are even cell phone apps that can help you make money. 

Survey Sites

I suggest if you find a new survey site that isn't listed here, to check the Survey Police website. They'll tell you if the site you're signing up for is shady. All of the sites I have listed I've used from time to time or I still use now. 

  • Quick Rewards: I haven't used this site in ages, they're a fairly easy site to use, I just use other sites as of right now. They pay with Paypal and Amazon Gift cards. You don't need a minimum Payout, and you usually get paid every Monday.
  • Cash Crate Cash Crate is a nice site, they pay with a check once every month but you do have to make at least $20 before they send a check. It'd be pretty sad if you bought a $2 check to the bank to be cashed anyway. 
  • Paid View Point: The referral program is pretty sweet with this site if you refer someone you get $25. The surveys usually only pay you somewhere around a 10 to 25 cents, and you only get one or two a day, with the threshold being $15. It's something easy that you can do in a matter of seconds.
  • One opinion: This is by far one of my favorite survey sites to use. Since I signed up right before Christmas, I've made like $400 from their site. They pay either by Prepaid Visa cards or store gift cards. 
  • Swagbucks: My other favorite site. It's fairly easy to use and there's a lot of different ways to earn money. They even pay you for printing off coupons or shopping at one of their approved stores. I bought a laptop from QVC once and was given like $70 back a month later. You have many ways to get money from them, Paypal, Visa, Amazon, and many different stores.
  • Inbox Dollars: Inbox Dollars only sends Prepaid Visa or checks. The first time around it'll take a couple of weeks to get your first payment, then after that, it's like 10 days. I have an online friend who used Inbox Dollars and only did their paid emails and questions, and made the $30 threshold in 3 years. So you can go very slowly if you like.
    Make money writing
    While I did make a comment once about not doing content mills, sites that just use your information and what you wrote for whatever they're doing. I quit using one of the sites long ago because I don't speak English (their words not mine). All of the other sites I have mentioned are helpful. 
      • Hub Pages: I'm sure when you use Google you come to a hub page that has random articles about what you're searching for. That's a great way to make money. You're paid for the advertising, a number of people that look at your page, and you're Paid Via Paypal!
      • Info Links: This site is good for people who actually have a blog, and want to make money blogging. You put ads on your page, and it pays you every time someone goes to your page. I actually have one of their widgets on my page now. Nifty huh?
      • Text Broker: If you really want to try your hands in a content mill, that pays you a couple of dollars per article, this can work. It's really the only site out of the other sites that I do trust.

    Make money doing data entry and transcription. 

    Data entry is the fancy term for transferring information from one place to another. There's really nothing difficult about it. Most allow people with no college education, but they are pretty hard to come by. Transcription is a bit different, you listen to audio and you type out what you hear. You must have fantastic grammar and spelling to do transcription. Most of these jobs I know little about so there's really not going to be much information given

    Make money as a freelancer

    A freelancer is a catch-all term that means that someone does something for someone else and gets paid. Most of the Freelance jobs pay a little money, but it does generate a bit of pocket cash.
      • Up work: If you have a skill, let them know. Look for jobs on their site, and they'll pay you to do whatever you're good at. 
      • Fiverr: It's just a word of warning, that this site has some really weird stuff, and you can do almost anything for $5, even become someone's digital girlfriend for a week if that's what you really want to do. It's all up to you. 
      • Free Lancer: It's nothing really different than Up work, it's the same type of page, with the same stuff on it. 

    Make money doing micro jobs

    These micro jobs can be almost anything from signing up for a website, viewing a video or creating keywords for a picture that you see. You're only paid like $0.15-$1.00 per job, but it doesn't really take long to do most of the jobs anyway.

      • Check Points: This site is fairly easy you do a task and get points to cash in for gift cards. You will need a mobile phone to download the app to get paid and to get a text to verify yourself.
      • Spare 5: Your payout is $5 every week, but the jobs are tons of fun. You're able to label items give them keywords or whatever they ask you to do. I even had a task where I got to talk about fashion items. 
      • Click Worker: There's more signing up for things, googling things, and even some weird stuff to work on.Your minimum payout is $5 via Paypal.
      • Microworkers: This is one of my favorite Microworker sites, their payout is $9 and some odd cents, but all I'm usually doing is signing up for someone's site, which I use a separate e-mail to have this stuff sent to me so I don't get like a billion weird e-mails in my main inbox. Some people who provide jobs can be jerks, like any other website,  so you have to be prepared. 

      Make money viewing web pages

      You're able to make money by viewing web pages that the site asks you to view. Some allow you to just write out what you see others want to know what you see and how the site runs. If you're a bit shy this may not be the job for you. There's really not much information that I have to say about them So the list will be kind of boring, and not as wordy.

      Just a word of warning, some sites make you download a program, the programs are safe, and most of them are easy to use. I've actually heard of people making a couple hundred bucks a month doing this job, seriously!

      Get Paid To Click

      It's exactly as  it sounds, you click ads, and whatever they tell you to click for money. It's only a few cents per ad, but for just clicking an ad, what do you expect? There's really only two sites I'd suggest to use, most are a waste of time.

      • ClixSense: These guys used to pay with Paypal but now there are checks Payza, and a few other methods. They're not just a pay to click site, they also have surveys, and a cool little click grid that you can win money off of. I can easily make $30 a week off of this site with all the ways to earn money.
      • NeoBucks: They're not as flashy as Clixsense but all you have to do is click your ads, and you're done. I haven't used them in awhile so I'm not sure what the cashout rate is. But it's a very easy site to use.

      Make Money Entering Captcha's 

      I hate captcha's  as much as the next chick, but if I'm getting paid at least a little bit to enter, "Black boathouse" or click on all the storefronts, I'll do it. These sites aren't really good sites to earn money with but they do earn a little bit extra money.

      • 2Captcha: There are many ways someone can withdraw money with 2captcha, you can withdraw after $1 which is about 3,000 captcha's but if you're a quick typer and can read, it's fairly simple.
      • Protypers: The payout's $3, and you're able to choose what payment method you like. I really haven't used the site so I can't be sure what your pay rate will be.
      • Lion Bridge: The name itself is awesome isn't it? A site to be called Lionbridge is pretty awesome, and they're not all about captcha's there are other things for you to do on the site.

      Make money doing other things online

      There's really a ton of random stuff that didn't fit elsewhere  I'll try to explain most of the jobs if I can.

        • MusicXray: Get paid to listen to music that you like. You get paid a little bit of money to listen to whatever band is suggested to you, and you give your opinion on.
        • Slice the Pie: Either listen to music, rate a commercial or critique an article of clothing. The better your reviews are the more you get paid. You need to make $10 before withdrawing your money to Paypal. 
        • Rabadaba: This is just a really cool page where you can share your photos, you don't make tons of money on it, and it's lucritive, but it's a lot better than using Facebook to share your photos.
        • Flii.by: Another photo and other stuff sharing site. You have to watch advertisements and look at stuff. You even get $5 for everyone you invite.
        • Be a professional bridesmaid: This is honestly a job, I've Googled it when I heard about it. Women do they dirty work for the brides.They set up bachelorette party venues, e-mail people, go to weddings and they get paid for it. 
      Make money from your tablet or phone
      This is the last section for a reason most of this stuff is only done on your phone or tablet. They are pretty easy ways to make money if you have a phone or tablet. You can use a phone that doesn't have service, they all connect to wifi.

        • Easy Shift: You'll have a list of  'shifts' which will tell you to go to a certain store and take a picture of a display. You get paid anywhere from $2 to $8 per shift. 
        • Field Agent: It's not much different than Easy Shift, sometimes Field Agent does offer surveys to make money as well. Field Agent doesn't have many tasks if you live in a small town like I do.
        • Receipt Hog: My husband calls app my money pig app. My money pig is my best friend. I get a receipt from the store, I scan it with my phone, and I get paid 5-20 points per receipt I post. Really simple. The cash out is 1000 points. 
        • Gigiwalk: It's another get paid to go and take pictures of whatever they're asking you to take pictures of or do whatever they tell you to do.
        • Ibotta, Checkout 51, Saving's Star and MobiSave: I lumped these all together because these are actually rebate apps that I have found to help me get my money back
        • Walmart Savings Catcher: It's a bit a rebate app, but not really. With Walmart savings catcher you scan your receipt at the end of your shopping trip and if the item you bought is advertised cheaper elsewhere, you get the difference.
      I still have more sites to get through, I will update this list in the future when I find more sites, or have more ideas. 

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