Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I'm on strike

Yesterday, I went on a hunger strike. I did, Dad human bought some all natural Rachel Ray cat food,  it looked okay, but I wouldn't eat it, it wasn't my Kitten Chow, and I'm a growing kitten. I told mom and dad human I didn't want it, so I stopped eating and would go by the bowl and start trying to bury my food, Mom asked me why I buried the cat food that I got, I told her that it tasted like poop. She wasn't too happy with me and promised when the next day rolled around if I still haven't eaten she'd go out and get me some of my Kitten Chow. 

Did I eat the yucky cat food today? Nope, so mom and dad went out and bought me the kind I liked instead, I was really happy that mom human kept to her promise, just so little cute Freya could eat her favorite cat food in peace. I'm giving human mom the silent treatment, no penguins for mom, no kisses, not even cuddles, it what she gets for going with human dad and buying cat food I won't eat. 

Oh  human mom was watching a doggy on her computer today, his name is Chaco human mom said she wants to do the Chaco thing with me, and make me talk. I say no, but if it makes her happy, I might let her. 

The picture human mom is sharing today, is a photo she took the day I walked into the apartment, I told her I'd always be her best friend. Even if I am a cranky, torti cat. 

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