Friday, June 16, 2017

I'm a jealous freya

I is hiding

A message from Freya in her ranting lol cat language, which really has no lol, it's Miss Jealous's rant of the week.
Mom hooman has been makin me jealous lately, shez been watchin dis dawg Choco, hez lil teeny rat, she sez he's chihuhua, but I finks hez rat. Mom hooman sez 2 be nice, cuz hez cute. He not cute, not at all. So I has been withholdin penguins frum mom hooman, no nuzzlin, no cuddlin, and no purrmedic, I r not goin 2 love her til she stops watchin Choco.

Mah kat frenz, has u evr been jealous ov dawg? Iz mah jealousy even justifid, mom hooman isnt goin out and visitin choco she doesnt even knoe wer he livez.

I fink mom hoomans jus meen, she givez me nasty fud, i trid buryin it in da floor, nao shez watchin dawg.

Someone plz halp mah mom hooman an tell her pulay nice with Freya. Oh ya an tell mom hooman 2 share her chawklit ice cream wif me she sez kats cant eat chawklit cuz ill dye. I told her i has 6 ov mah 9 livez an ned it. but she sez iz myth dat kats has 9 livez. I jus need ice cream . I followd her around teh houz and she didn't gimie any.

A message from mom human about Freya's jealous rant
Dear Miss Freya,
      You'll always be my special kitty, my favorite little purrmedic, and my doctor. You've been my best kitty friend since I met you. Choco is just a cute little puppy dog that makes mom human happy. He's not eating your ice cream as you think he is, he's not allowed to have any either despite his name.
         You can be jealous and withhold your penguins from me. I don't mind. You can be the mean and jealous cat that you are. I still love you. It's not like you'll apologize for being jealous. It's just because you're a young teenager cat. I can't believe you'd revert back to your natural language that you did when you first started writing your blog.

Love mom human,

This is cute little Choco by the way. He even has videos I just didn't want him to get more attention than Miss jealous pants. I did share a video on my animal blog.
Image may contain: dog
picture taken from his Facebook page. 
*A penguin is something Freya and I do together, where she rubs her nose on my nose, and says she loves me.*

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