Saturday, June 3, 2017

How to make money with pinterest

It was just recently that I was given this tip in my e-mail. While I can't take credit for it, but I have learned that I can actually make money with Pinterest and my pins. I had zero clue that it was even possible until I seen it in action. 

Step 1: Turn your Pinterest into a business account. There should be a tab somewhere on the page to have you sign up for a business account. You're going to need this to find out what your stats are for your blog and what's being looked at and so forth.

Step 2: Find out what pins are being shared often.  I suggest doing the first 5 or 10 pins, it doesn't need to be that many, it just has to be your top pins. All that I have showing up is 5, and that's fine with me. These will be 5 five that I will work with.
Step 3: Sign up for an Amazon Affiliates. If you haven't yet. Sign up for Amazon affiliates. It'll ask you for your e-mail address and what site you're using it on. Feel free to give your Pinterest link if you want to. (Amazon is down I'll update this when I get a chance)

Step 4: Paste your affiliate links in the top posts on Pinterest, if they don't have links already. It might seem a bit sneaky but it'll work. 

Step 5: Sit and wait. You're actually done, but I wanted to give this a 5 step process instead of 4. It's easy, isn't it?

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