Saturday, June 10, 2017

Happy Hungry Freya

A quick word from Freya's human mom:

On Friday's Freya and I will find a new and interesting cat item or topic to talk about. Such as next week we're going to talk about how to tell a cat that you love them. I saw it on Jackon Galaxy's YouTube page, and It was really interesting. It'd be helpful to learn a bit from Freya and I about how to make your cats happier and try to talk about what Freya likes and what she doesn't like. 

Now back to Freya
Still no pictures. My little girl is over for the night so I'm in the mood on cuddling with her and talking to her. But I did give human mom a scare today, she was sitting and going potty and I jumped out of the tub. She didn't think that it was nice or cute that I scared her.

Human mom also has a scratch down her neck. I like to step on her neck at night and in the morning just to tell her purr-hi-purr, and that I'm hunggie! I'm always hunggie though, mom says that's because I'm a growing cat. That and human sister feeds me like a Godzilla cat and mom hasn't caught on to me being a Godzilla cat. But she'll get there eventually. 

I'll be back Wednesday, but as for right now, I have a tub to investigate, a stringy to attack, and more foods to eat. Later, human peoples! 

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