Thursday, June 1, 2017

Get to know me tag

A lot of people read my blog and they don't get to know me they know Freya, or they get to know something I reviewed, but other than my good things about me post, people really don't know much. I figured it was time for a 30 question tag to get to know me a lot better, with questions that are a bit out there. So every Thursday I'll practice doing a Tag Thursday, just to get to know me better.

  1. Are you named after anyone?
    Nope, at least not that I now of.

  2. When was the last time you cried?
    Actually cried? About a week in a half ago I've been having bad back pain.
  3. Do you have kids?
    I do I have 3 kids and one angel baby. While I'm not a fan of giving out names V. is 4 1/2, J is 3 and R are 9. My angel baby grew his wings August 11, 2011
  4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?Probably not, I'm far from cool, I'm kind of dorky. The autism makes me slightly different.
  5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
    I used to. Not so much anymore. I don't think people got my sarcasm.

  6. What’s the first thing you notice about people?
    I hardly look someone in the eyes or on their face, so honestly, if I noticed something about them. It would be the shirt that they're wearing. Someone's shirt should always make a good impression by thew way.
  7. What is your eye color?
    My eye color is blue

  8. Scary movie or happy endings?
    I love happy endings. While I like scary movies as well, but happy endings always make me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.
  9. Favorite smells?
    I love fruity smells like orange, strawberry, and banana, I also love the smell of sandalwood, oh and the smell of old books.

  10. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?
    Hm, there was a field trip I went on from Indiana to Wright Patterson Airforce Base in Ohio. I haven't been many places.
  11. Do you have any special talents?
    Nope. No talents at all.
  12. Where were you born?
    I was born in Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.
  13. What are your hobbies?
    My hobbies are couponing, writing, and playing The Sims
  14. Do you have any pets?
    I have 2...uh...3 Freya, Monkey, and Anansi (a rock spider) 
    Anansi, I created him myself. He is a pet. He doesn't eat much
  15. Do you have any siblings?
    I have 2 a brother and a sister.
  16. What do you want to be when you grow up?
    I wanted to be a vet or something to do with animals.

  17. Who was your first best friend?
    Her name is Katie
  18. How tall are you?

  19. Funniest moment throughout School?
    It was fourth grade, I was in Science/Health class, and it was April Fools day, I took a prank out of my Nick Magazine, that said that we got out early for recess or something. Some of us kids passed the prank to the teacher. He got mad at us and said we were staying in for recess. I was nervous and bit scared. Little did I know that he was playing an April Fools Joke on us.

  20. How many countries have you visited?
    If traveling via-Google maps doesn't count, 0. I haven't gotten out of the area much.
  21. What was your favorite/worst subject in High School?

    Best was English, worst was math. Math, when you have a bit of dyscalculia, is tough. Only a few teachers have been able to teach me math with out getting totally confused.

  22. What is your Favorite drink? Animal? Perfume?
    My favorite drink is orange juice, the animal is a frog and I really don't have a favorite perfume.

  23. What would you (or have you) name your children?
    I rather not answer that.

  24. What Sports do you play/Have you played?
    I played T-ball when I was in Kindergarten.

  25. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?
    I have a few, This is Raven, Madeyewlook, Taylor Dean, Danny Burke and last but not least,
  26. How many Girlfriends/Boyfriends have you had?

  27. Favorite memory from childhood?
    I have a few memories of my childhood, but one that makes me laugh, which it really shouldn't because it's not really. We were at Wal-Mart, my mom, my sister, my brother, and I. We were halfway out of the parking lot, and my mom goes, "It feels like I'm forgetting something?" It hit us at the same time that she forgot my sister at the store because my sister didn't follow us back out.

  28. How would you describe your fashion sense?
    A cross between metal head, and comfortable. I love comfortable leggings, a tank top, and black eye makeup. It's the way I like to dress.

  29. What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?)
    I have an Android, a ZTE something or another. It isn't best phone but Android is a lot better than iOS.

  30. Tell us one of your bad habits!
    I like to pick at pimples. I know I shouldn't but I do.

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