Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Faya, Miss Freya

Hey people, little Miss Freya here. Yesterday I woke mom human up for oatmeal! Mom human said before she went to sleep that she'd make me some oats. But I got to impatient so I woke her up and told her to follow me to the kitchen just so she could get me oats.

Mom human opened the cabinet under the microwave and I sniffed at the oats to tell her I really wanted them. Then I said patiently waiting for the oats, by sitting on the floor close to the microwave until it beeped. I even followed woman human to go sit down so I can beg her for more. She ended up watering it down too much so I didn't like it.

Mom human also said that we're going to be doing a really cool new blog segment about me on Friday's I can't talk about it until Friday though. We'll talk about it when we it gets here. I'd have a new picture if I sat still mom human says I'm still kitty that moves too much. 

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