Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Freya Interview

I had an interesting conversation with my kitty cat Freya, today ill never forget since she is a very important cat in my life.
since she's been my happy little purr medic. The interview with a fluffy purrametic is something I w

Me: Freya what's it like to be a diva cat?
Freya: Bean diva kat iz kewl. Peeps liek diva kats cuz were always beautiful and clean.

Me: What are some of your favorite hobbies?
Freya: I liek watchin out ov teh window, Im vry nosey. I rly liek pickin up mah stringy and hair tiez. But wut I rly liek 2 do iz cuddle on hooman sistr and hooman mom. They say I cuddle lot.

Me: Why do you cry when you find hair ties and stuff?
Freya: I cry so u can c mah new toy. Im ur kitteh and as ur kitteh I has 2 protect u frum hair tiez. Cryin gets ur attenshun rite?
Me: Crying does get my attention but you usually don't meow or cry so I get scared and worried about you miss darling.
Freya: Doan be worrid bout me hooman ill be fine urll knoe if needz u 4 somethin.

Me: Freya, you've taken honey buns from me, oatmeal, cookie dough and even tried to get my chocolate ice cream that would kill you. Is it safe to say you have a sweet tooth?
Freya: I doan knoe wut dat meanz. I doan finz mah teeth taste sweet.
Me: It means you like sweet foods.
Freya: Oh, ya, ya thaz wut it meanz. I doez liek sweets theyre yummy. I jus liek anythin u has dat smells sweet.
Me: You know cats usually don't like sweet food right?
Freya: Thaz cuz I'm kewl kat. I wants to 2 be hooman instead.

There was going to be more interview questions, but I learned cats have a short attention span, since I'm not food or a toy. Freya stopped answering questions. 

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