Friday, June 9, 2017

7 reasons why People Like My Little Pony

I wish I could say I got more this week, but all I got was what I won from the one giveaway that I was excited to win.I won a pony. Well it was sort of a pony, it was a My Little Pony DVD Twilight and Starlight. It was the only thing I got for free this week. It's a cool DVD though. I wanted to get into My Little Pony a bit more, I've watched all the My Little Pony cartoons on YouTube, now I'm able to watch this new movie. 
Because of my excitement, I had an idea. I wanted to create my own My Little Pony with the pony creator. This is my pony Emerald Sunlight, my pony was created by DollieDevine's Pony Creator

But why is that people love My Little Pony? Men even like My Little Pony, which does sound a bit weird, but the reasons why people like My Little Pony actually make tons of sense. 

1. There are so many references to other characters on My Little Pony, for example when Rainbow Dash imagined that she was Indiana Jones. It's kind of cute to see a cartoon have references that nerds, and everyone in between. 

2. The animation is awesome: If you've watched my little pony you already know how beautiful the animation is. You're watching ponies do their thing while in awe over the animation that the animators bring to the table. 

3. There's no blood, no gore, and the story lines are always happy. Watching negativity only breeds more negativity. People sometimes want something that makes them feel good while watching it. That's what my Little Pony does.

4. The nostalgia. Back 30 years ago there was My  Little Pony. They looked different from the ponies we're watching today, but it always brings back that feeling of being able to go back to the time when life was simpler. 

5. It's funny. We don't need all the illness jokes, or outright crude humor to laugh. I laugh at the episode where Rainbow Dash meets the Powerpuff girls. The reaction between Rainbow Dash and the Powerpuff girls is so funny.  The jokes didn't leave me feeling like I shouldn't have laughed at them. 

6. The character's personalities are great. I've seen a lot of cartoons where the character's personalities weren't thought out as well as they should have been. With that mentality, it makes it easier to pick out who you're most like. 

7. The music. The music is very catchy. It's hard to not dance or feel cheery listening to the My Little Pony songs. 

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