Saturday, June 24, 2017

10 things I've learned wearing my event monitor

I'm still alive and kicking as far as the event monitor is concerned. I get it removed Tuesday, and it's been an interesting trip wearing a monitor for as long as I have been. You'd think that someone wouldn't learn anything from a monitor being connected to them via-snap or around my neck, but I have.

1. Bras are awesome. My bra came in handy a few times when I didn't want to snap the monitor to my side with one of the sticky electrode things. Especially when I'm out at the store.
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2. An event monitor can cause anxiety. I never thought I'd be so self-conscious when I'm out shopping, but after wearing my monitor to go grocery shopping I felt a bit strange. I was afraid that one of my wires would show or an electrode would pop off and I'd have to explain to someone what the event monitor is.
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3. The phone makes a great alarm. I don't know how many times in the middle of the night when I'm sleeping, that I accidentally unplug the monitor, or have an electrode pop off. The sound the phone makes is extremely annoying.
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4. Be prepared for the alarm to go off. Sometimes the electrodes fall off or they're not sticky in certain spots anymore, so you're going to have to replace the electrodes.
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5. Electrodes can itch. If you're allergic to adhesive, this will be a fun ride (insert sarcasm), space where the electrodes can itch.
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6. Change your electrodes spots. You should change your spots once every other day so there's not a huge rash. It's very uncomfortable to have a rash where your electrodes are.
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7. Keep your phone charged. The phone that came with your Life Watch monitor needs to be charged as much as possible. It's not that hard to charge the phone, it comes with an Android charger, which many of us have.
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8. Learn what's more comfortable. It's either on the hip or around your neck. I've learned to have it around my neck during the day works the best and if I need to strap it at my hip with the little snap. It's always an option
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9. Remember to change the battery in your monitor box. The little thing that's around your neck or around your stomach needs to be changed every 3-4 days, you should have enough batteries to change it if need be.
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10. Quit worrying. Worrying about your health is fine, but when you have a monitor such as this one, there's no reason to worry, there are people reading what your heart is doing. If there's a problem they'll alert you.
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