Friday, June 30, 2017

Na Na na Cat tag

Freya and I were talking about her blogging and everything, so I was watching other cat lovers online, and watching cat lover's videos, they can warm anyone's, cold black heart. We did find a cool cat tag which was meant for YouTube, but I copied and plan on using it. I'll answer the questions first, and then I'll have Freya answer them, since it is Freya's day and Freya's blog day.

1. How many cats do you have?

Two Monkey, who's a ticked tabby, and Freya the sassy tori cat who likes to blog.
2. What do you feed your cat?
It's Rachel Ray's cat food. I don't know the name of it.
3. What is your cat's favorite toy?
Freya loves toys, and she has many of her own, but what she really loves is her 'stringy' which was a draw string from my pants. She'll march up to someone and set it in her lap for them to play with her.
4. What's your cat's favorite treat?
She likes anything sweet, oatmeal, no bake cookie dough, honey buns.
5. What type of litter does your cat use?
We get what ever's cheap and low dust.
6. Where does your cat like to sleep?
She usually sleeps on the back of the couch, but some times she chooses under the bed, or under the entertainment center.
7. In 1 word, how would you describe your cat's personality?
8. Does your cat go outside?
Nope, she lived outside when we found her. She likes to sleep by the window though.
9. Does your cat "talk" to you?
I understand what she's saying by her facial expressions, but she doesn't talk to me.
10. Does your cat like to cuddle with you?
It depends on the day. Some days she doesn't want to cuddle other days she only cuddles so she can get food.

Freya's answers

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Making a page graphic or a banner like mine

I talked about my love for colour lovers the other day, but I realized something. I never explained how I make banners for my blog, Pinterest pins, or even my stock photos. Without further ado I will give a crash course in how to make your own photos.

Step 1: Figure out what kind of graphic you're going to need.
If you want to put a banner a header at the top of your recent blog, or maybe some informational picture, or even a collage. It's good to know what you want before hand. Once you have an idea go to Canva, and find the correct template that you need. For this example, I'm going to use the photo collage template

Step 2: Figure out how you're going to layout photos.
They have free layouts for you to choose, or you can always make your own with the grids frames and shapes. But because this is an example I'm using one of their layouts. Knowing what layout you're going to use beforehand gives you an idea how many photos you're going to need. I'm going to need 4 photos for my college.

Step 3: Picture round up
If you're using your own personal photos upload them to Canva, but if you're looking for stock photos I suggest pixabay and pexels because most of the photos on the sites have no attribution required.
I selected the four photos I thought would look good for my college.

Step 4: Placing the new photos in the collage
After you upload your photos, put the photos where you want to in your college. It can be any of the spaces that they have. Just slide it over and it replaces whatever photo was before it. You could very well be done with the art if you wanted to be. But I do suggest to do the next few steps that are optional, but they will make your graphic stand out.
Step 5: Time to edit
There is ways to edit your photos a little bit on Canva, the filter bar is a great place to start. Make sure that you keep all of the filters uniform, I decided to use the rosy filter for my photos to give them all the same look. At this time feel free to change your wording, the wording location, and the font if they need to be changed. You can even change your background!

Step 6: Adding all the other elements you want
If there's something else you want to add feel free to do that now. You don't have to do anything else if you don't want to, but giving your project more uniqueness is fine. I went with a pink banner around my photos and a white stripe for the frame. Be creative. Have fun.

Now that you have your graphic done. It's time for a few tips.

  • If you're a newbie to graphics in general Canva has tutorials to teach you everything you need to know.
  • It's okay to not be happy with a graphic. Be a perfectionist if you want to.
  • Start slowly
  • If it's not fun don't do it. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Freya Interview

I had an interesting conversation with my kitty cat Freya, today ill never forget since she is a very important cat in my life.
since she's been my happy little purr medic. The interview with a fluffy purrametic is something I w

Me: Freya what's it like to be a diva cat?
Freya: Bean diva kat iz kewl. Peeps liek diva kats cuz were always beautiful and clean.

Me: What are some of your favorite hobbies?
Freya: I liek watchin out ov teh window, Im vry nosey. I rly liek pickin up mah stringy and hair tiez. But wut I rly liek 2 do iz cuddle on hooman sistr and hooman mom. They say I cuddle lot.

Me: Why do you cry when you find hair ties and stuff?
Freya: I cry so u can c mah new toy. Im ur kitteh and as ur kitteh I has 2 protect u frum hair tiez. Cryin gets ur attenshun rite?
Me: Crying does get my attention but you usually don't meow or cry so I get scared and worried about you miss darling.
Freya: Doan be worrid bout me hooman ill be fine urll knoe if needz u 4 somethin.

Me: Freya, you've taken honey buns from me, oatmeal, cookie dough and even tried to get my chocolate ice cream that would kill you. Is it safe to say you have a sweet tooth?
Freya: I doan knoe wut dat meanz. I doan finz mah teeth taste sweet.
Me: It means you like sweet foods.
Freya: Oh, ya, ya thaz wut it meanz. I doez liek sweets theyre yummy. I jus liek anythin u has dat smells sweet.
Me: You know cats usually don't like sweet food right?
Freya: Thaz cuz I'm kewl kat. I wants to 2 be hooman instead.

There was going to be more interview questions, but I learned cats have a short attention span, since I'm not food or a toy. Freya stopped answering questions. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

My time on Colour Lovers,

I've been doing something weird lately, I guess it isn't too weird, but it's something a bit different. I've been playing on Colour Lovers, it's a site that's great for artists, web designers, fashion designers and everywhere in between. It has a lot of cool stuff.

I love finding a random photo and making a color scheme from it. Something like the teddy bear clothes pins turns into something like the color scheme under it. I called the scheme gummy bear and then when I finally get done with the schemes I love to find a few new patterns that I think the bears would look cool with.

These are the cool patterns that I used my gummy bear color scheme from. 

I actually chose a bear pattern, because I was curious what a bear would look like with my gummy bear scheme, and then I used the pattern with the flowers

I really do suggest this site for anyone who wants be creative. It's tons of fun, and it's pretty easy to use, 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

10 things I've learned wearing my event monitor

I'm still alive and kicking as far as the event monitor is concerned. I get it removed Tuesday, and it's been an interesting trip wearing a monitor for as long as I have been. You'd think that someone wouldn't learn anything from a monitor being connected to them via-snap or around my neck, but I have.

1. Bras are awesome. My bra came in handy a few times when I didn't want to snap the monitor to my side with one of the sticky electrode things. Especially when I'm out at the store.
 disney hat lilo and stitch bra laundry GIF
2. An event monitor can cause anxiety. I never thought I'd be so self-conscious when I'm out shopping, but after wearing my monitor to go grocery shopping I felt a bit strange. I was afraid that one of my wires would show or an electrode would pop off and I'd have to explain to someone what the event monitor is.
HuffPost buzzfeed faces insecure huffington post GIF
3. The phone makes a great alarm. I don't know how many times in the middle of the night when I'm sleeping, that I accidentally unplug the monitor, or have an electrode pop off. The sound the phone makes is extremely annoying.
 alarm GIF
4. Be prepared for the alarm to go off. Sometimes the electrodes fall off or they're not sticky in certain spots anymore, so you're going to have to replace the electrodes.
 clock alarm GIF
5. Electrodes can itch. If you're allergic to adhesive, this will be a fun ride (insert sarcasm), space where the electrodes can itch.
 television homer simpson marge simpson season 10 maggie simpson GIF
6. Change your electrodes spots. You should change your spots once every other day so there's not a huge rash. It's very uncomfortable to have a rash where your electrodes are.
South Park  eric cartman hand puppet electrodes oohh GIF
7. Keep your phone charged. The phone that came with your Life Watch monitor needs to be charged as much as possible. It's not that hard to charge the phone, it comes with an Android charger, which many of us have.
 text email cell phone awake GIF
8. Learn what's more comfortable. It's either on the hip or around your neck. I've learned to have it around my neck during the day works the best and if I need to strap it at my hip with the little snap. It's always an option
 kitten cheezburger gets comfortable getss GIF
9. Remember to change the battery in your monitor box. The little thing that's around your neck or around your stomach needs to be changed every 3-4 days, you should have enough batteries to change it if need be.
Dave Gamez gif cute animated loop GIF

10. Quit worrying. Worrying about your health is fine, but when you have a monitor such as this one, there's no reason to worry, there are people reading what your heart is doing. If there's a problem they'll alert you.
 worry GIF

All images today are brought to you by Giphy

Friday, June 23, 2017

Where do your vitamins come from?

What exactly is a vitamin, and why do we really need something to help us live? It's a really serious question. Why on earth do we need vitamins to live? While I was going to do this whole thing separately for my vitamins, I think doing the whole thing all together sounds better.
Vitamin: noun any of a group of organic compounds that are essential for normal growth and nutrition and are required in small quantities in the diet because they cannot be synthesized by the body

Why do we need to take vitamins?
The logical answer would be that we get our vitamins from food, therefore we don't really need to take a nasty tasting pill or some kind of gummy pill to give us everything we need. Sadly logic doesn't really play part in giving our body what it needs, and we as humans sometimes won't eat our daily vitamin intake during the day. That's where taking a multivitamin, comes in handy. You don't need to worry that you're not getting the vitamin that you need, it's taken care of.

Why do vitamins taste so bad?
After googling the answer, the reason why your vitamins taste bad is the B vitamins, B vitamins are not the fastest vitamins on the planet. If I was able to I'd take a vitamin without that nasty B vitamin taste, but sadly the truth is that we can't so we're stuck with a multivitamin or a hand full of supplements.

Is there any easy way to take vitamins?
It's going to sound silly but the one thing that makes it easier is to find gummy vitamins. There are many companies that sell gummy vitamins, such as Nutra Kids and Nutrakids vitamin c they taste good, and they're easy to take for both kids and adult. As an adult, take the recommended vitamins for a 12-year-old.

Can you combine certain vitamins with other vitamins?
Most of the time no, you can't if you're taking a multi-vitamin, but to be safe, you should always Google your vitamins. You should Google anything you take with vitamins or any vitamins you take with your medications.

Are there vitamins you can't get from food?
The D vitamins are the vitamins produced by the sun's rays. But if you have an autoimmune problem or a reason why you're not in the sun as often you are able to get vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D, especially vitamin D3 and vitamin K 12 are put together, this help someone have stronger bones and a stronger immune system.

If you're still confused about what vitamins or multivitamins are safe, don't hesitate to ask your pharmacist or your doctor. 

The vitamins pictured were sgiven in exchange for my honest opinion. I did not receive any compensation for this product, nor did getting this product for a reduced price influence my opinion.

Monday, June 19, 2017

My weekly Holter monitor

Image result for lifewatch heart monitor
Image is taken from LifeWatch's Website
For the next 8 days, I'm forced to look like a robot. Did I say robot? I mean some kind of computer or something. For the next 8 days, I have an extra cell phone. This phone can't call out, but it can call me in case there's something wrong with me.

|What you're reading isn't something out of science fiction, it's all medical. I have an 8-day event monitor that's hooked up to me by little electrodes. It looks kind of cool, but at the same, it looks very odd, and it's so uncomfortable.

What's going on with my heart?
As of right now, everything is at a stand still. I don't know what's wrong with me with almost anything yet. What I do know is my white blood cells and platelets are evening out, finally, and are now in better working order, but my thyroid is a little over active, along with a bit of a racing heart. I guess saying a bit of a racing heart is putting it nicely, a normal heart rate is 60 to 100 beats a minute (according to the online sources I've read), mine on a good day is 110-130, and at doctors appointments, it's usually in the 130s. Which at my age is fine, but something like this later on in life can cause heart problems like congestive heart failure, and heart problems. With that said my NP, wants to see what's wrong or if anything is wrong with me. Which she said it may not be anything, but she wants to be on the safe side.

Updates on the auto immune
I'm still not sure what's going on with that. I think I stated it in the past that they want to send me to a neurologist before sending me to a new rheumatologist, which is cool with me. As long as I'm able to get answers and to feel normal again. I don't think that's asking too much. It's just physically and emotionally exhausting.

What an event monitor is
As much as I tried to take a photo of my monitor, I failed miserably, I can't take a picture of something that's on my stomach and I don't feel like moving it. An event monitor also called a Holter monitor is nothing more than a small ECG machine, that tells the doctor what my heart is doing while I'm wearing it. Usually, the patient writes down if they experience any symptoms.

My monitor
My monitor is a Lifewatch monitor, it's a bit more advanced that they have been in the past. Mine still hooks up just like the others do, five little electrodes are attached to my chest and are reading everything my heart is doing. But the thing that makes mine different is the monitor comes with a phone. I  really don't like calling it a phone because it doesn't feel much like a phone to me, it feels more like a monitor device. But since the company that makes this product can call you in case, there's an emergency or when the monitor needs to be removed.

Why it's a bit long of an interval to get results than most other event monitors?
While I'm not entirely sure, my best guess is it'll get better results rather than using one for 24 to 48 hours. The time span and activities of someone usually change those days and for them to figure out a pattern, and to help improve someone's life it's so worth it.

Taking showers and bathing
I really had to bring this topic up because people have asked me a few times if my phone or the monitor is waterproof, and what I could do to take a shower or a bath. In case you're wondering, no these are not waterproof at all. After my 1st 48 hours is up, I'm able to remove the monitor and take a shower as usual and put the monitor back on when I am done.

Friday, June 16, 2017

I'm a jealous freya

I is hiding

A message from Freya in her ranting lol cat language, which really has no lol, it's Miss Jealous's rant of the week.
Mom hooman has been makin me jealous lately, shez been watchin dis dawg Choco, hez lil teeny rat, she sez he's chihuhua, but I finks hez rat. Mom hooman sez 2 be nice, cuz hez cute. He not cute, not at all. So I has been withholdin penguins frum mom hooman, no nuzzlin, no cuddlin, and no purrmedic, I r not goin 2 love her til she stops watchin Choco.

Mah kat frenz, has u evr been jealous ov dawg? Iz mah jealousy even justifid, mom hooman isnt goin out and visitin choco she doesnt even knoe wer he livez.

I fink mom hoomans jus meen, she givez me nasty fud, i trid buryin it in da floor, nao shez watchin dawg.

Someone plz halp mah mom hooman an tell her pulay nice with Freya. Oh ya an tell mom hooman 2 share her chawklit ice cream wif me she sez kats cant eat chawklit cuz ill dye. I told her i has 6 ov mah 9 livez an ned it. but she sez iz myth dat kats has 9 livez. I jus need ice cream . I followd her around teh houz and she didn't gimie any.

A message from mom human about Freya's jealous rant
Dear Miss Freya,
      You'll always be my special kitty, my favorite little purrmedic, and my doctor. You've been my best kitty friend since I met you. Choco is just a cute little puppy dog that makes mom human happy. He's not eating your ice cream as you think he is, he's not allowed to have any either despite his name.
         You can be jealous and withhold your penguins from me. I don't mind. You can be the mean and jealous cat that you are. I still love you. It's not like you'll apologize for being jealous. It's just because you're a young teenager cat. I can't believe you'd revert back to your natural language that you did when you first started writing your blog.

Love mom human,

This is cute little Choco by the way. He even has videos I just didn't want him to get more attention than Miss jealous pants. I did share a video on my animal blog.
Image may contain: dog
picture taken from his Facebook page. 
*A penguin is something Freya and I do together, where she rubs her nose on my nose, and says she loves me.*

Thursday, June 15, 2017

About my blog tag

Time for another tag Thursday, this is supposed to be YouTube tag about questions, but I changed the word YouTube to Blog, since this blogs a little new, and I hope it will help other new bloggers as well, anyway here's the tag

1. What’s your name?
If you haven't figure out Trixie isn't my real name, my name is Jennifer, but most people call me Jen. 

2. Where are you from?
I'm from Michigan in a one horse town. 

3. How many siblings do you have?
I have two, a sister and a brother. 

4. Is this your first blog?
Nope, it's probably not going to be my last either.

5. What is your blog about?
My blog is a life style blog, and it has a little bit of everything, reviews, stuff that's on my mind, tags (like this one), and whatever I feel like writing and sharing with someone.
6. Why should anyone subscribe to blog?
I have a cat that loves to help me blog! That's like one of the coolest things ever, even if she is a bit silly at times. I'm also not afraid to talk about my illnesses, I try to be transparent when it comes to what's wrong with me healthwise, to educate other people, and last but not least people should subscribe because it's better than having my blog bookmarked.

7. Where do you see yourself and your blog in five years?
Five years is a long time to still be blogging, but hopefully, I hope to still be blogging that long. I hope for it to be one of those blogs that people would remember. Something that helps people when they're having a bad day. 

8. What inspired you to start making blogs?
I always had a love for writing, I can't remember a time I didn't want to write something. It was many years ago during the Xanga era, I had my own personal blog/journal, one for songs, and one for poetry. Then it eventually spawned into a blog like I have today. 

9. Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
If I had to pick one it'd be, the late Alice Pyne, a girl who had cancer and did a bucket list. It was one of the most inspiring blogs that I've ever read in my life. It brought joy to me. I still go back through her blogs, she was one of the most amazing young ladies.
10. What does your blog name mean?
Trixie Von Cupcake, came from one of those name game things they have on Facebook. I was in search of a Pinup girl name, and I really didn't like the game the generator gave me, so I went through and picked a name myself.  If I had to pick a second pinup name it would be Kitty Love Rose, but Trixie Von Cupcake sounded cool, and I could give myself a symbol if I wanted a cute little cupcake ya know. 
Saturday silly: What’s your vintage pin-up name? | Dita DeeDee Monroe

11. What is the best thing about blogging?
Being able to express myself and have other people reading what I write. It may not be a lot of people, but I just love expressing myself. 

12. What is the worst thing about blogging?
In my personal opinion, it's the formatting, and working on your blog theme. So many times I've wrote something, and it looked nothing like it did when I was writing it and changing how things look. A huge problem I have is the font I have now I love it, but since it's already bold, and I keep forgetting, I have to change the sentence's color to make the question stand out.

13. What are your goals when it comes to blogging?
My major goal when it comes to blogging is to teach people something new. Either it'd be a new way of thinking or neat fact. While I would really love tons of followers and to make some cool friends while blogging, having other people learn is what I really like. 

14. What are your favorite type of blogs to write?
I haven't really done many here, but I like doing crafty DIY blogs and talk about music. Those are my favorite type of blogs to write.
15. Any advice to new bloggers?
Keep a notebook with blogging ideas. They can come at the most random time, and anything can be a blogging idea.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I'm on strike

Yesterday, I went on a hunger strike. I did, Dad human bought some all natural Rachel Ray cat food,  it looked okay, but I wouldn't eat it, it wasn't my Kitten Chow, and I'm a growing kitten. I told mom and dad human I didn't want it, so I stopped eating and would go by the bowl and start trying to bury my food, Mom asked me why I buried the cat food that I got, I told her that it tasted like poop. She wasn't too happy with me and promised when the next day rolled around if I still haven't eaten she'd go out and get me some of my Kitten Chow. 

Did I eat the yucky cat food today? Nope, so mom and dad went out and bought me the kind I liked instead, I was really happy that mom human kept to her promise, just so little cute Freya could eat her favorite cat food in peace. I'm giving human mom the silent treatment, no penguins for mom, no kisses, not even cuddles, it what she gets for going with human dad and buying cat food I won't eat. 

Oh  human mom was watching a doggy on her computer today, his name is Chaco human mom said she wants to do the Chaco thing with me, and make me talk. I say no, but if it makes her happy, I might let her. 

The picture human mom is sharing today, is a photo she took the day I walked into the apartment, I told her I'd always be her best friend. Even if I am a cranky, torti cat. 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Happy Hungry Freya

A quick word from Freya's human mom:

On Friday's Freya and I will find a new and interesting cat item or topic to talk about. Such as next week we're going to talk about how to tell a cat that you love them. I saw it on Jackon Galaxy's YouTube page, and It was really interesting. It'd be helpful to learn a bit from Freya and I about how to make your cats happier and try to talk about what Freya likes and what she doesn't like. 

Now back to Freya
Still no pictures. My little girl is over for the night so I'm in the mood on cuddling with her and talking to her. But I did give human mom a scare today, she was sitting and going potty and I jumped out of the tub. She didn't think that it was nice or cute that I scared her.

Human mom also has a scratch down her neck. I like to step on her neck at night and in the morning just to tell her purr-hi-purr, and that I'm hunggie! I'm always hunggie though, mom says that's because I'm a growing cat. That and human sister feeds me like a Godzilla cat and mom hasn't caught on to me being a Godzilla cat. But she'll get there eventually. 

I'll be back Wednesday, but as for right now, I have a tub to investigate, a stringy to attack, and more foods to eat. Later, human peoples! 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Sims Tag

It's Tag Thursday, and it took a while trying to figure out what tag I was going to do there's so many out there, and I wanted to give a bit more insight to who I am, it was a tough one. But I kind of went a little bit off the wall here, since I was thinking what I'd do while I was playing The Sims, and I realized a few things 1) There wasn't really any actual The Sims tags on Tumblr, or even YouTube, that made me think of an idea! 2)I better make one myself. Why not?! It'd work, right? I'm creative so here it goes.

What's your favorite Sims expansion? 
My favorite Sims expansion is The Sims 2 Freetime. While The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 have been out I enjoyed and still enjoy Playing The Sims 2 Freetime. It was the one expansion pack that was the most interesting. My Sims are able to have hobbies and Sims who are townies are able to age as well. It was annoying not having a friend or a possible partner to still be a child while you age. 

How old were you when you got into The Sims and how did it happen? 
I think I was  16. My dad had a family staying with him and the lady happened to have an 'addiction' to The Sims, and I remember standing in awe for awhile until I learned that my cousin had the game as well. So I was interested in playing it.

What was the first time playing The Sims like?
It was weird, I didn't know any cheats, or what I was doing. I had a house that was microscopic, and my Sim ended up having a baby, and I had no clue how to take care of it. I went back home to tell my sister that my Sim had her baby taken away because she didn't take care of it. My sister's whole response was, "Didn't you use the cheats?" I looked at her dumbfounded, "What cheats." Yeah, my baby could have grown up if I knew. 

What's one of the weirdest Sim moments ever?
The weirdest was when I was playing The Sims 3. Had some mods and custom content, and I don't know how the genders got mistaken, but I went fishing and realized one of my other Sims, a girl named Josephine, had the man's bald haircut. I was confused but I laughed. The poor girl looked funny. 

Image may contain: 1 person
This is Josephine by Chance
Mods or no mods?
I'm not a fan of mods unless they're like Story Progression for The Sims 3 or something like that, but I'm more a fan of custom content. I like making my Sims look pretty, or unique. I even had all the custom content to turn my Sim, on The Sims 3 look like a Night Elf from World of Warcraft. She even had a pet raccoon.

What Sims games do/did you play?
I've played almost all of the games, even the 'games' that weren't popular, didn't make it or they were a little bit obscure. I loved The Sims Medieval and played the Urbz. I really haven't played many of the new expansions for The Sims 4 yet. I like waiting until the go down in price for the holidays and scoop a few games up at a time. 

What kind of content would you like to see for The Sims that hasn't happened yet?
It might be the weirdest idea of conent, but I have yet to see someone do a mod for it, or anything close. While I know like a lot of the Sims games have apartments, and The Sims 3 had daycare and everything. I think it would be neat if they made a sort of senior living facility for The Sims. Even if I thought the idea I read on The Sims website about making a farm expansion did sound pretty cool, a nursing home would be neat as well.

The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, or The Sims 4, and why?The Sims 3 I like a lot, but I like the Sims 2 a little more. The Sims 3 has mermaids, fairies and stuff, but The Sims 2, I liked inviting the headmaster over, playing Open 4 Business, I don't think it's the same as The Sims 3's market it just didn't feel the same. I also liked adopting pet wolves as well. 

Do you have any Favorite The Sims challenges?
I really wasn't a fan of the challenges as much. I did try the zombie challenge, making 7 people on the Sims 3 and if a zombie had his eyes set on the person they'd die, there's even be trying for a baby when they could. It was interesting, but it really didn't last long. I did just like making my sims homeless on The Sims 3, had them dig through the dumb or dumpster dive to find what they needed for their house. 

There you have it, a bit of The Sims tag for a bit of a change. Feel free to copy it, just make sure that you credit me. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Faya, Miss Freya

Hey people, little Miss Freya here. Yesterday I woke mom human up for oatmeal! Mom human said before she went to sleep that she'd make me some oats. But I got to impatient so I woke her up and told her to follow me to the kitchen just so she could get me oats.

Mom human opened the cabinet under the microwave and I sniffed at the oats to tell her I really wanted them. Then I said patiently waiting for the oats, by sitting on the floor close to the microwave until it beeped. I even followed woman human to go sit down so I can beg her for more. She ended up watering it down too much so I didn't like it.

Mom human also said that we're going to be doing a really cool new blog segment about me on Friday's I can't talk about it until Friday though. We'll talk about it when we it gets here. I'd have a new picture if I sat still mom human says I'm still kitty that moves too much. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Making money online

I actually am dedicating this post to my sister. Who's curious about the world of online stay at home jobs, and since I've been around the block a few times with learning about the jobs, and being taught what to look for I figured dropping the list here can help more people? As a disclaimer some of these sites do include an affiliate link or a refferal code.

Quick Tips

  • Don't listen to false claims. Nobody makes $1,000 a week doing anything online, unless they're stealing your credit card information, or are a hacker.
  • Never pay a company to work for them. That's usually a red flag that they're up to no good. 
  • Always see if there's proof of payment from other folks, it's usually on the site of the places, or you can type in [site name] Payment proof
  • Always search google for the site you're signing up for. If it's a site that's no good, people will say so. Sometimes there are people who just like to cause trouble and make noise about a site. 
There are many types of jobs out there, from doing surveys, which is what I usually do to get a little bit of money, I really don't make more than $50-$75 a month, I'm lucky if I make it to $100. But there are other sites as well like odd job sites, freelance sites, telecommunication jobs, data entry, and there are even cell phone apps that can help you make money. 

Survey Sites

I suggest if you find a new survey site that isn't listed here, to check the Survey Police website. They'll tell you if the site you're signing up for is shady. All of the sites I have listed I've used from time to time or I still use now. 

  • Quick Rewards: I haven't used this site in ages, they're a fairly easy site to use, I just use other sites as of right now. They pay with Paypal and Amazon Gift cards. You don't need a minimum Payout, and you usually get paid every Monday.
  • Cash Crate Cash Crate is a nice site, they pay with a check once every month but you do have to make at least $20 before they send a check. It'd be pretty sad if you bought a $2 check to the bank to be cashed anyway. 
  • Paid View Point: The referral program is pretty sweet with this site if you refer someone you get $25. The surveys usually only pay you somewhere around a 10 to 25 cents, and you only get one or two a day, with the threshold being $15. It's something easy that you can do in a matter of seconds.
  • One opinion: This is by far one of my favorite survey sites to use. Since I signed up right before Christmas, I've made like $400 from their site. They pay either by Prepaid Visa cards or store gift cards. 
  • Swagbucks: My other favorite site. It's fairly easy to use and there's a lot of different ways to earn money. They even pay you for printing off coupons or shopping at one of their approved stores. I bought a laptop from QVC once and was given like $70 back a month later. You have many ways to get money from them, Paypal, Visa, Amazon, and many different stores.
  • Inbox Dollars: Inbox Dollars only sends Prepaid Visa or checks. The first time around it'll take a couple of weeks to get your first payment, then after that, it's like 10 days. I have an online friend who used Inbox Dollars and only did their paid emails and questions, and made the $30 threshold in 3 years. So you can go very slowly if you like.
    Make money writing
    While I did make a comment once about not doing content mills, sites that just use your information and what you wrote for whatever they're doing. I quit using one of the sites long ago because I don't speak English (their words not mine). All of the other sites I have mentioned are helpful. 
      • Hub Pages: I'm sure when you use Google you come to a hub page that has random articles about what you're searching for. That's a great way to make money. You're paid for the advertising, a number of people that look at your page, and you're Paid Via Paypal!
      • Info Links: This site is good for people who actually have a blog, and want to make money blogging. You put ads on your page, and it pays you every time someone goes to your page. I actually have one of their widgets on my page now. Nifty huh?
      • Text Broker: If you really want to try your hands in a content mill, that pays you a couple of dollars per article, this can work. It's really the only site out of the other sites that I do trust.

    Make money doing data entry and transcription. 

    Data entry is the fancy term for transferring information from one place to another. There's really nothing difficult about it. Most allow people with no college education, but they are pretty hard to come by. Transcription is a bit different, you listen to audio and you type out what you hear. You must have fantastic grammar and spelling to do transcription. Most of these jobs I know little about so there's really not going to be much information given

    Make money as a freelancer

    A freelancer is a catch-all term that means that someone does something for someone else and gets paid. Most of the Freelance jobs pay a little money, but it does generate a bit of pocket cash.
      • Up work: If you have a skill, let them know. Look for jobs on their site, and they'll pay you to do whatever you're good at. 
      • Fiverr: It's just a word of warning, that this site has some really weird stuff, and you can do almost anything for $5, even become someone's digital girlfriend for a week if that's what you really want to do. It's all up to you. 
      • Free Lancer: It's nothing really different than Up work, it's the same type of page, with the same stuff on it. 

    Make money doing micro jobs

    These micro jobs can be almost anything from signing up for a website, viewing a video or creating keywords for a picture that you see. You're only paid like $0.15-$1.00 per job, but it doesn't really take long to do most of the jobs anyway.

      • Check Points: This site is fairly easy you do a task and get points to cash in for gift cards. You will need a mobile phone to download the app to get paid and to get a text to verify yourself.
      • Spare 5: Your payout is $5 every week, but the jobs are tons of fun. You're able to label items give them keywords or whatever they ask you to do. I even had a task where I got to talk about fashion items. 
      • Click Worker: There's more signing up for things, googling things, and even some weird stuff to work on.Your minimum payout is $5 via Paypal.
      • Microworkers: This is one of my favorite Microworker sites, their payout is $9 and some odd cents, but all I'm usually doing is signing up for someone's site, which I use a separate e-mail to have this stuff sent to me so I don't get like a billion weird e-mails in my main inbox. Some people who provide jobs can be jerks, like any other website,  so you have to be prepared. 

      Make money viewing web pages

      You're able to make money by viewing web pages that the site asks you to view. Some allow you to just write out what you see others want to know what you see and how the site runs. If you're a bit shy this may not be the job for you. There's really not much information that I have to say about them So the list will be kind of boring, and not as wordy.

      Just a word of warning, some sites make you download a program, the programs are safe, and most of them are easy to use. I've actually heard of people making a couple hundred bucks a month doing this job, seriously!

      Get Paid To Click

      It's exactly as  it sounds, you click ads, and whatever they tell you to click for money. It's only a few cents per ad, but for just clicking an ad, what do you expect? There's really only two sites I'd suggest to use, most are a waste of time.

      • ClixSense: These guys used to pay with Paypal but now there are checks Payza, and a few other methods. They're not just a pay to click site, they also have surveys, and a cool little click grid that you can win money off of. I can easily make $30 a week off of this site with all the ways to earn money.
      • NeoBucks: They're not as flashy as Clixsense but all you have to do is click your ads, and you're done. I haven't used them in awhile so I'm not sure what the cashout rate is. But it's a very easy site to use.

      Make Money Entering Captcha's 

      I hate captcha's  as much as the next chick, but if I'm getting paid at least a little bit to enter, "Black boathouse" or click on all the storefronts, I'll do it. These sites aren't really good sites to earn money with but they do earn a little bit extra money.

      • 2Captcha: There are many ways someone can withdraw money with 2captcha, you can withdraw after $1 which is about 3,000 captcha's but if you're a quick typer and can read, it's fairly simple.
      • Protypers: The payout's $3, and you're able to choose what payment method you like. I really haven't used the site so I can't be sure what your pay rate will be.
      • Lion Bridge: The name itself is awesome isn't it? A site to be called Lionbridge is pretty awesome, and they're not all about captcha's there are other things for you to do on the site.

      Make money doing other things online

      There's really a ton of random stuff that didn't fit elsewhere  I'll try to explain most of the jobs if I can.

        • MusicXray: Get paid to listen to music that you like. You get paid a little bit of money to listen to whatever band is suggested to you, and you give your opinion on.
        • Slice the Pie: Either listen to music, rate a commercial or critique an article of clothing. The better your reviews are the more you get paid. You need to make $10 before withdrawing your money to Paypal. 
        • Rabadaba: This is just a really cool page where you can share your photos, you don't make tons of money on it, and it's lucritive, but it's a lot better than using Facebook to share your photos.
        • Another photo and other stuff sharing site. You have to watch advertisements and look at stuff. You even get $5 for everyone you invite.
        • Be a professional bridesmaid: This is honestly a job, I've Googled it when I heard about it. Women do they dirty work for the brides.They set up bachelorette party venues, e-mail people, go to weddings and they get paid for it. 
      Make money from your tablet or phone
      This is the last section for a reason most of this stuff is only done on your phone or tablet. They are pretty easy ways to make money if you have a phone or tablet. You can use a phone that doesn't have service, they all connect to wifi.

        • Easy Shift: You'll have a list of  'shifts' which will tell you to go to a certain store and take a picture of a display. You get paid anywhere from $2 to $8 per shift. 
        • Field Agent: It's not much different than Easy Shift, sometimes Field Agent does offer surveys to make money as well. Field Agent doesn't have many tasks if you live in a small town like I do.
        • Receipt Hog: My husband calls app my money pig app. My money pig is my best friend. I get a receipt from the store, I scan it with my phone, and I get paid 5-20 points per receipt I post. Really simple. The cash out is 1000 points. 
        • Gigiwalk: It's another get paid to go and take pictures of whatever they're asking you to take pictures of or do whatever they tell you to do.
        • Ibotta, Checkout 51, Saving's Star and MobiSave: I lumped these all together because these are actually rebate apps that I have found to help me get my money back
        • Walmart Savings Catcher: It's a bit a rebate app, but not really. With Walmart savings catcher you scan your receipt at the end of your shopping trip and if the item you bought is advertised cheaper elsewhere, you get the difference.
      I still have more sites to get through, I will update this list in the future when I find more sites, or have more ideas. 

      Sunday, June 4, 2017

      What celebrities are saying about Auto-Immune Disorders

      It's been one of those days where having an autoimmune disorder got me down, I don't know why it would, but it does. So with that said, I decided to Google celebrities who actually have autoimmune problems and some of their inspiring quotes about having the auto immune disorder, to help me and anyone else who's had a bad day with their health feel better.

      Toni Braxton (Lupus)
      “Lupus medication actually causes most women to gain weight. But we’re still fabulous!”
      Montel Williams (Multiple Sclerosis)
      "You never now how strong you are until being strong is the only choice that you have."
      Jennifer Esposito (Celiac Disease)
      "Stop trying to make things the way you want them or the way you perceive they should be. Instead, see things the way they actually are. As ugly and as beautiful. Therein lies your freedom. Therein lies your answer. And let it be." 
      Jack Osbourne (Multiple Sclerosis)
      "I feel like people think you're disabled or you have some huge thing wrong with you, and you're not able to do what everyone else can. It's not over just because you get MS."
      Nick Cannon (Lupus Nephritis)
      "I wanted to document this process because I wanted to inspire others that may be dealing with this condition or a similar condition. To say, you don’t have to let it stop you"

      Friday, June 2, 2017

      Time to Penguin

      Freya's human here, Freya's busy sleeping next to me, all content and stuff. She looks so comfortable. I tried asking Freya before her nap if she wanted to say anything to the people of my blog. Her response was, "Let me sleep girl human." So I let her sleep.

      I have finally taught Freya a trick, it's called penguin. To penguin someone must rub their nose against Freya's nose. She'll put her nose to yours if you ask her to, and if you don't look straight at her. Cat's hate being looked at straight on. So we rub noises together. She'll rub her nose against mine and we'll be done. She only likes  to do penguin once, you're lucky if you get it twice.

      Penguins are my way of bonding with Freya, I used to have a cat that would kiss me after he relaxed on my lap or on my neck at night, and I had a cat that would sit or give paw for her treats, so I knew Freya was smart enough to do so. While I know I should let Freya be the cat that she is regal and beautiful penguin time is very important to me, it calms me a little bit and it gets me to bond with my best friend. 

      Thursday, June 1, 2017

      What if you could make the perfect summer memories?

      Summer is right around the corner, and it feels like we just started the year. I know it depends on your location, but summer in the Midwest is hot, and muggy, most of the summer is spent indoors out of the heat, and out of the glaring sun. But we should always find ways to make summer memories, even if its going to the beach, talking a walk with a family or having a picnic. The perfect summer memories are ones we have with our family.

      While my bucket list is somewhat normal for most people, I tried to come up with things that I know would be family bonding activities. While it may be true that sometimes

      Some Free Memories
      1. Take pictures around town
      2. Go geocaching
      3. Walk to the library and find a book to read together
      4. Go Bird Watching
      5. Play Frisbee

      Potentially free memories

      1. Have an indoor movie night
      2. Water balloon Fight
      3. Learn to hula hoop

      Memories that cost a little bit of money

      1. Make Rootbeer floats
      2. Make homemade ice cream
      3. Make homemade popsicles

      Question of the day, 

      What summer memories do you want to make? 

      Get to know me tag

      A lot of people read my blog and they don't get to know me they know Freya, or they get to know something I reviewed, but other than my good things about me post, people really don't know much. I figured it was time for a 30 question tag to get to know me a lot better, with questions that are a bit out there. So every Thursday I'll practice doing a Tag Thursday, just to get to know me better.

      1. Are you named after anyone?
        Nope, at least not that I now of.

      2. When was the last time you cried?
        Actually cried? About a week in a half ago I've been having bad back pain.
      3. Do you have kids?
        I do I have 3 kids and one angel baby. While I'm not a fan of giving out names V. is 4 1/2, J is 3 and R are 9. My angel baby grew his wings August 11, 2011
      4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?Probably not, I'm far from cool, I'm kind of dorky. The autism makes me slightly different.
      5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
        I used to. Not so much anymore. I don't think people got my sarcasm.

      6. What’s the first thing you notice about people?
        I hardly look someone in the eyes or on their face, so honestly, if I noticed something about them. It would be the shirt that they're wearing. Someone's shirt should always make a good impression by thew way.
      7. What is your eye color?
        My eye color is blue

      8. Scary movie or happy endings?
        I love happy endings. While I like scary movies as well, but happy endings always make me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.
      9. Favorite smells?
        I love fruity smells like orange, strawberry, and banana, I also love the smell of sandalwood, oh and the smell of old books.

      10. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?
        Hm, there was a field trip I went on from Indiana to Wright Patterson Airforce Base in Ohio. I haven't been many places.
      11. Do you have any special talents?
        Nope. No talents at all.
      12. Where were you born?
        I was born in Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.
      13. What are your hobbies?
        My hobbies are couponing, writing, and playing The Sims
      14. Do you have any pets?
        I have 2...uh...3 Freya, Monkey, and Anansi (a rock spider) 
        Anansi, I created him myself. He is a pet. He doesn't eat much
      15. Do you have any siblings?
        I have 2 a brother and a sister.
      16. What do you want to be when you grow up?
        I wanted to be a vet or something to do with animals.

      17. Who was your first best friend?
        Her name is Katie
      18. How tall are you?

      19. Funniest moment throughout School?
        It was fourth grade, I was in Science/Health class, and it was April Fools day, I took a prank out of my Nick Magazine, that said that we got out early for recess or something. Some of us kids passed the prank to the teacher. He got mad at us and said we were staying in for recess. I was nervous and bit scared. Little did I know that he was playing an April Fools Joke on us.

      20. How many countries have you visited?
        If traveling via-Google maps doesn't count, 0. I haven't gotten out of the area much.
      21. What was your favorite/worst subject in High School?

        Best was English, worst was math. Math, when you have a bit of dyscalculia, is tough. Only a few teachers have been able to teach me math with out getting totally confused.

      22. What is your Favorite drink? Animal? Perfume?
        My favorite drink is orange juice, the animal is a frog and I really don't have a favorite perfume.

      23. What would you (or have you) name your children?
        I rather not answer that.

      24. What Sports do you play/Have you played?
        I played T-ball when I was in Kindergarten.

      25. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?
        I have a few, This is Raven, Madeyewlook, Taylor Dean, Danny Burke and last but not least,
      26. How many Girlfriends/Boyfriends have you had?

      27. Favorite memory from childhood?
        I have a few memories of my childhood, but one that makes me laugh, which it really shouldn't because it's not really. We were at Wal-Mart, my mom, my sister, my brother, and I. We were halfway out of the parking lot, and my mom goes, "It feels like I'm forgetting something?" It hit us at the same time that she forgot my sister at the store because my sister didn't follow us back out.

      28. How would you describe your fashion sense?
        A cross between metal head, and comfortable. I love comfortable leggings, a tank top, and black eye makeup. It's the way I like to dress.

      29. What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?)
        I have an Android, a ZTE something or another. It isn't best phone but Android is a lot better than iOS.

      30. Tell us one of your bad habits!
        I like to pick at pimples. I know I shouldn't but I do.