Saturday, May 27, 2017

To my dad--

Last time I heard from him, it was three years and two days ago, he told me he wanted to talk to me abut something. To this day I don't know what he wanted to tell me. The last thing he did tell me was that the trailer he lived in was in the 90's, and I did as I always did online I said okay and went on my way doing whatever it is that I was doing. He was my father

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A bit about my dad

His name was Frank, he was my father. There were moments where I would sit and joke with him, or I'd be at his place using the computer just so I could get away from the madness that was going on at home. he'd even take whoever it may be to the doctor's appointments that we needed to go to when my mom couldn't drive after her surgery. 

My dad loved his Chicago Bears, wrestling, and his NASCAR.  The world stopped if any of those were on TV. At least it made him happy. The little things were what made him smile more. It tore him apart when my 4 years old (1 at the time) would scream because he was afraid it my dad. But he loved his grandchildren. 

My dad worked at Flexsteel before he passed, yes to those who know the name, it is the recliner people and the people who make seats for RV's and campers. He worked up until about three and a half years before when he was diagnosed with Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and possible Chrons Disease.
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Some funny stories 

I could go on and on with funny stories that included my dad, but there are two that still make me laugh every time I think about them. 

My all time favorite story has to be the one time my sister and I were over at his trailer. I was sitting around on the computer, doing whatever it was that I was doing, and I was hardly awake when my dad said to me, "There are some cows outside." Much like anyone else I was pretty skeptical Like anyone would believe him. I was sure he was getting old and crazy. 

So I went to the bedroom to change when all I hear is, "Moo" from behind me, I turn around to see two cows peeking their head into the window. Apparently, cows got loose from a farm down the road from my dad's place and they were looking for them or something. I was taught a valuable lesson that day, to believe my dad if he says cows are outside.

Another one of those funny memories has to do with the picture of him in my grandpa's Cadillac, I remember telling him to get into the car and let me take a picture because I knew that he wouldn't ever get the chance again to sit in a car that nice.  

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His Death 

It was three years ago today, that I was busy playing Skyrim, in a recliner, and I remember his grandma calling. Which was really odd, I was trying to listen in on the conversation and I couldn't. My husband hung up the phone, and set his hand on my lap and with a very nervous laugh (he laughs when he's nervous), he said my dad passed away.

I called my mom's number to get all the information that I could from my mom and my sister. At the time all the knew was he went quickly and probably didn't know what hit him. The medical examiner said that he thought it was some kind of stroke and that it was extremely fast. 

Since my dad didn't have any money at the time we both agreed to have my dad turned to ash and cremated his remains. We opted out of any type of service because he would have put up a fight to have one anyway, we had to keep to his wishes. 

About a month later we got the autopsy results, the cause of death was severe coronary atherosclerosis, for lack of a better term it meant his arteries had a build up of plaque and harded, and if left untreated it could equal a heart attack and death. Which is what happened to my dad. He also had a severe UTI.
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His Death 

Life without my dad has been weird just to say the least. The memories still come and go, and I remember little things that he would say and do. Laugh at how much he'd joke about certain things. Such as his own passing, he would have had us laughing and saying, "Good riddence that jerk is gone." But at the same time, he was my dad, and it's still a pretty hard pill to swollow. 

I'll always miss you dad. You crazy dude!  

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