Saturday, May 6, 2017

Rewards for changing your oil?

Are you a car lover, someone who loves free stuff of both? It can be both right? They have some pretty cool stuff if you like either cars or free stuff, Valvoline has come out with a cool new point system that anyone could learn to enjoy. After my mathematical moment, if you watched all the videos, read all the articles, registered yourself, and liked Facebook you should be around 10k for your points and with 10k there's a handful stuff you can use your points on.
From the Valvoline site itself

A quick rundown of Valvoline's page: 

Who is this site good for? 
Anyone who wants to earn cool swag, like t-shirts, stickers, and hats. They all look pretty cool, and it's double kudos if you love cars and Valvoline, you even get points for every dollar you spend.

What is this site?
It's more or less a reward site for Valvoline.

What kind of stuff do you do on the site? 

You can watch movies, and read articles mainly. There's a lot there for you to watch and to keep you busy. You don't even have to watch the videos to earn points, they can be playing in your back groudn if you're on a computer. It's that easy.

What languages is it in?
It's in both Spanish and English.

What makes it different than any other rewards site?
Nothing really, it's just another one of those cool reward sites. 

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