Thursday, May 11, 2017

I feel like a Burger's Episode today:

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Can someone actually take pride in knowing that they are on the spectrum and call it a good thing? There once was a time in my life I would have said no, and I would have yelled at anyone who told me it was a good thing.

When people look online, or in medical books, the whole diagnosis of Aspergers sounds worse than the plague, who wants to be a loner, who loves schedules, and has acute senses. After I got told about Asperger's I picked up a medical book and read a 3 line definition, and the 3 line definition bothered me. I hid that secret for ages,

Now when I think about my life on the spectrum, it's a lot like a rainbow, beautiful after a storm.  Nobody wants an acute hearing, or a problem with textures, I know that. But when I think about my random knowledge about things, or my love for writing. It's what sets me apart.

It's kind of like one of those gifts, you know the kind that your weird old great aunt gave you, and you're not sure what on earth to do with it, but one day you're bored and you realize the build your own town set she gave you actually can keep you busy. It's a little bit like that. You don't realize how amazing something is, or something that makes you who you are, as being a good thing until you're faced with it. Heck, if I had some Egyptian mythology trivia game, or a trivia game in general to play, I do great at it. I don't mean yelling at Alex Trebec on TV, and hoping he can hear you when you're helping the other contestants on Jeopardy, I mean trivia games online.

Autism, is not a curse. It's one of the good things about me, even if other people disagree with it, and so what every time I say I'm autistic I hear Tina from Bob's Burger's saying she's autistic and Bob correcting her. It's how I see myself. 

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