Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hug your kitty

There really shouldn't be a holiday where you have to hug your cat. I said there shouldn't be, but human mother says yes. She says that hugging me is cute. I told her to go hug Monkey instead. She wasn't too happy. But--it was the truth, I didn't a hug.

I've been chillaxing by human mom most of the day, except when she was at the store getting stuff. She was surprised to see I hadn't moved an inch when she was gone. I was just so sleepy. Being a kitten is hard work. Very hard work.

Human mom says that being a cat is a cool thing though. She says if she could be a cat she would. She wants to sleep all the time, the only thing stopping her would be eating the same kind of food day in and day out. I understand that's why I love oatmeals from my human mommy, she says oats are great foods.

To all my furry cat friends. Happy hug your cat day. Hug your kitties if they allow you to hug them. if not just tell them you care, and give them fresh food and water, and play with them for awhile. It's something that all us cats like.

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