Sunday, May 21, 2017

Helping women everywhere

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For any men who read my blog, this may not be the best post, I apologize and I'll try to make up for it another time. 

I've talked about liking to learn new things, and I've even talked about how I love to learn about myself. But what's even more exciting is I like to tell people about it. I want to be able to help other people. This world can be insane sometimes, and sometimes we really don't get the facts that we really need.

As I do almost every day, I signed onto Generation Good to find out what tasks I have, and if there are any new tasks. I was surrounded by a wall of things that I am almost done with and a new mission. This new mission is one that had me realize being able to tell people about what's going on is awesome. 

Let me pose this hypothetical question for you. Would you eat a cake that wasn't approved by the FDA, and didn't have any ingredients listed, or have some ingredients listed such as the word flavor. You'd probably not eat it am I correct? If you're like me and have certain restrictions because of food allergies, this wouldn't buy the cake or eat it.

Of course, this isn't a post about cake, it's a post about tampons and pads. Did you know pads and tampons are not approved by the FDA and they have chemicals in them? It's true! They don't disclose what is in their products, and we're using theses items to take care of our feminine hygiene needs. It can't be safe. 

Say what?
Even worse, we know we need to take care of our women health, but how can we when we read that our pads and tampons have 'fragrance' and it doesn't give much more than that. On second thought who needs synthetic fragrances making our womanly parts smell good. Yes, we all know our fluids don't smell too good but do they need to have fake fragrances with no clue what's going? Probably not. 

Why do you need to care? 
I'm asking for a bit of change, one that should have been made long ago, because, honestly, it's not safe. Us women as the delicate beautiful human beings we are, need to know what we're doing. Do what you can to help put a change to this madness. 

You're still probably thinking about this being day 28, and wondering how this even applies to me wanting to help other people. It's a good thing I want to be able to help and want to be able to share my message with others. 

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