Friday, May 19, 2017

Freya the Diva

Cuddle Time

It's Freya Friday, Friday for Freya. Not much is really happening in Freya's little world right now, she's just being a typical cat, but the one thing that stays in my mind and almost saddens me is that Freya was a stray, even as well behaved as she is, she was a stray.

Because we didn't intend to keep her I checked everywhere online and posted in a lot of local Facebook groups that allowed me to post lost and found links, because I was sure she had a family that cared about her. Fall changed to winter, and winter changed to spring. I still check pages on Facebook, and even Craigslist about lost and found pets, there's nothing there.

Even if the tables turned, and Freya's former humans wanted her back I would be reluctant to give her back. Even if she did wonder away by accident. I've bonded with her, and she's bonded with the whole family, well that and I treated her for fleas, ear mites, spayed her, and even fed her. She's part of the family.

Freya loves helping write my blog posts and  will sit next to me when I'm writing them like the sweetheart that she is. She loves to help and she believes she's a famous diva, which she is, at least to everyone here she's a beautiful little diva. My cat, Freya, the Diva. 

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