Friday, May 19, 2017

Freebie Friday and some sweepstakes tips

What an amazing week it is, while I can't post many pictures of what I won from giveaways yet, I have won some stuff already. I won't even talk about it until I get my stuff. But check below to learn more about some things I learned this week while I swept. 

Woman's Day
US Weekly
New York Weekly
Risk & Insurance
Outdoor Life
Red Book

Maybelline Lipstick
Dove Shampoo & Conditioner

Now that I've been Sweeping almost every day, and have won twice none the less, which is totally awesome, I have learned more things about sweeping than I knew last week.

Some new quick tips:

Check the dates on the Sweepstakes: If there's like 20 days left, and you have only one Entry to do, it's fine to wait to enter at a different date.

Always read the fine print: Yes, just because you found a giveaway it doesn't mean that you shouldn't read the fine print. For instance, if it's a giveaway for a Trip to Paris and you sign up but you didn't know that your trip didn't include lunches, it would be your fault for not providing that information.

Don't sign up for giveaways for stuff you don't need or want: While it may be tempting to just start going on a click happy rampage with RoboForm, or Sweepstakes, it's kind of silly to try to win something just to win it. For example, I saw sweepstakes for a computer video card. Sure I would have tried, but I don't have a PC, and I couldn't have any use for it.

Still looking for giveaway sites?  The three sites that I love using are ContestListing, Online-Sweepstakes and Amazon Giveaways

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