Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A 3 for 1 deal

This is going to be by far the weirdest entry, I'm combining a few things with this entry. I'm combining my 30 good things about me, with a product review, and a Freya update. All actually go hand in hand and I want to kill two birds with one stone.
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Freya is busy sleeping so I, Trixie, Freya's human mom have something amazing to show you. You're going to look at your screen like I'm crazy. Because what I'm going to show off, is something that looks like it's nothing but it's actually something different than what you're seeing. 

The things on the bag are not just plain old sticks, and these are not found on a tree in your back yard, unless you happen to live in Asia then you might have them in your back yard. 

Those things on my bag is called matatabi, it's a plant that's found in China and Japan, matatabi is known as Japanese catnip, because of how cats respond to it, they roll around on the floor, play with it, and when they're done there a bit wobbly.

"What exactly can matatabi help with ?" is a common question, and why someone would pick a stick over a cat nip mouse, or just a plate full of catnip from the store.Matatabi, has many uses, one is to help with cleaning a cats teeth, and a second use is to lower a cats blood pressure.  Both which are great for your cat, mainly if you don't routinely brush your cats teeth.

Freya loves her new toy, her stick. It's hard to say that my cat has a stick to play with because even looking at it, people would be sure that what I have is just a stick, but they have no clue that it's from a plant that cats love. They don't act the way that they do with a twig from an apple tree, or a maple tree. Needless to say cats love it. 

Giving people and animals things that will make them happy is something I love to do. Giving Freya and Monkey a new toy and watching them get so excited over it made me feel great. Not just because how they responded io it was funny, but because they liked the toy and it made them happy. 

If you own a cat, and want to try something new, feel free to try matatabi and see how your furry friend likes their new toy. Give them a gift, watch them have a great time. It's what being a good cat owner means. 

I received this item free and exchange for my honest opinion. 

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