Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My top 5 blogs

It's funny, once a long time ago I was on the other end of blogging, I was sitting around reading other people's blogs, and wondering why on earth I wasn't doing what they were doing, I can write, maybe not that good, but I can do it.

Even now I look at blogs, to get ideas, and to see what other people are up to in this world, I love to laugh at their adventures (or misadventures), drool at their recipes, or do whatever DIY project that they did that looked so darn cool.

There are a handful of bloggers that I keep coming back to, for whatever reason it may be. I tried to keep my list short and brief, even if I wanted to list half a million bloggers who really interested me.

The Krazy Coupon Lady: This blog is my lifeline. The Krazy Coupon Lady is where I go to compile a list of whatever store I'm going to be shopping at. It has all the stores I'm worried about, and the coupons that go with it to make things a lot easier.

Tiffany & Stephanie Reviews: From the reviews which are really interesting to read about the resource list that they have for people who are looking for blogging resources. Without this blog, I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't know where to turn or what to do.

Alice's Bucket List: Alice is no long with us, she inspired me and many others. Alice was a girl who had cancer, and she had a list of things that she wanted to do and a heart of gold. I loved reading every blog that she wrote, and when she passed my heart sank. Her sister Milly has yet to update the blog for awhile but it's part of my top 10 blogs.

She Scribes: She Scribes is a Lifestyle blog that's very interesting, and right up my alley on what the author talks about. It's a fantastically written blog.

Melissa Blake Blog: Another blogger, who I have learned to love. She was mentioned on Cosmo's Facebook Page (I think, I might be wrong), but I was in awe, her blog is beautiful, well thought out, and it's really what I want my blog to be eventually. Every blogger has that one blog that amazes them and it'd be Melissa's. 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 30: Final day good things about me

The last day of this 30 good thing about me thing is almost a cheating day. The good thing is that I actually did this. I am proud I stuck through the 30 days and learned a lot. I didn't see myself even close to finishing anything about myself, but now that I have, I've learned so much. Stuff that I wouldn't have learned if I didn't go along with the challenge. The challenge led me to think about my life, think about the most important things in life that make me who I am.

I am finally happy to hold my head up high, and talk about how great I am, well not really in an over confident crazy lady type of excitement, but because I'm actually happy to be the person I am on the inside. That to me is amazing.

Tomorrow when I get a chance I will bring up all I learned about myself during this little experiment. I just wanted to send everyone love for this amazing weekend. 

To my dad--

Last time I heard from him, it was three years and two days ago, he told me he wanted to talk to me abut something. To this day I don't know what he wanted to tell me. The last thing he did tell me was that the trailer he lived in was in the 90's, and I did as I always did online I said okay and went on my way doing whatever it is that I was doing. He was my father

Image may contain: 2 people, baby

A bit about my dad

His name was Frank, he was my father. There were moments where I would sit and joke with him, or I'd be at his place using the computer just so I could get away from the madness that was going on at home. he'd even take whoever it may be to the doctor's appointments that we needed to go to when my mom couldn't drive after her surgery. 

My dad loved his Chicago Bears, wrestling, and his NASCAR.  The world stopped if any of those were on TV. At least it made him happy. The little things were what made him smile more. It tore him apart when my 4 years old (1 at the time) would scream because he was afraid it my dad. But he loved his grandchildren. 

My dad worked at Flexsteel before he passed, yes to those who know the name, it is the recliner people and the people who make seats for RV's and campers. He worked up until about three and a half years before when he was diagnosed with Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and possible Chrons Disease.
Image may contain: 2 people, tree and outdoor

Some funny stories 

I could go on and on with funny stories that included my dad, but there are two that still make me laugh every time I think about them. 

My all time favorite story has to be the one time my sister and I were over at his trailer. I was sitting around on the computer, doing whatever it was that I was doing, and I was hardly awake when my dad said to me, "There are some cows outside." Much like anyone else I was pretty skeptical Like anyone would believe him. I was sure he was getting old and crazy. 

So I went to the bedroom to change when all I hear is, "Moo" from behind me, I turn around to see two cows peeking their head into the window. Apparently, cows got loose from a farm down the road from my dad's place and they were looking for them or something. I was taught a valuable lesson that day, to believe my dad if he says cows are outside.

Another one of those funny memories has to do with the picture of him in my grandpa's Cadillac, I remember telling him to get into the car and let me take a picture because I knew that he wouldn't ever get the chance again to sit in a car that nice.  

Image may contain: 1 person, hat and sunglasses

His Death 

It was three years ago today, that I was busy playing Skyrim, in a recliner, and I remember his grandma calling. Which was really odd, I was trying to listen in on the conversation and I couldn't. My husband hung up the phone, and set his hand on my lap and with a very nervous laugh (he laughs when he's nervous), he said my dad passed away.

I called my mom's number to get all the information that I could from my mom and my sister. At the time all the knew was he went quickly and probably didn't know what hit him. The medical examiner said that he thought it was some kind of stroke and that it was extremely fast. 

Since my dad didn't have any money at the time we both agreed to have my dad turned to ash and cremated his remains. We opted out of any type of service because he would have put up a fight to have one anyway, we had to keep to his wishes. 

About a month later we got the autopsy results, the cause of death was severe coronary atherosclerosis, for lack of a better term it meant his arteries had a build up of plaque and harded, and if left untreated it could equal a heart attack and death. Which is what happened to my dad. He also had a severe UTI.
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His Death 

Life without my dad has been weird just to say the least. The memories still come and go, and I remember little things that he would say and do. Laugh at how much he'd joke about certain things. Such as his own passing, he would have had us laughing and saying, "Good riddence that jerk is gone." But at the same time, he was my dad, and it's still a pretty hard pill to swollow. 

I'll always miss you dad. You crazy dude!  

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Good Thing Day 29: Looking young

I don't know how many times people thought I was underage It's happened so many times in my life and if I had a dollar everytime it happened, I'd be rich. People love to give me weird glances when they see me out and about because of that. Once I used to believe it was a curse to look so young, but now that I'm older I'm actually enjoying looking younger. 

It's one of the good things about me, I age gracefully, at least on the outside. While everyone is getting wrinkles in their 40's or whenever, I'm hoping time didn't catch up with me and make me age quicker, but I really don't see that as a possibility. 

The only times I really do hate looking younger than I usually do is when I'm at the store, I don't know how many times I was asked if I had an adult with me so I could buy a rated R movie. Some days I don't want to be an adult I want to go back to having no responsibilities, and being able to sit around watching TV, or eating cereal cross-legged on the floor.

 At least it's one of the great that I do take tons of pride in, and that to me is a good thing. Right?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Just because Freya wants to share

We were going to do a video together Freya and I, but my little purramedic had other plans, every time I mention that we're going to do a video together she gets up and leaves. She a bit camera shy. I don't blame her getting in front of a camera is kind of scary. So sorry that she's not here to help. But she did tell me to tell people that there are a number of kitty cat stuff giveaways that she thinks other kitties might like.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Helping women everywhere

adorable, asleep, baby
For any men who read my blog, this may not be the best post, I apologize and I'll try to make up for it another time. 

I've talked about liking to learn new things, and I've even talked about how I love to learn about myself. But what's even more exciting is I like to tell people about it. I want to be able to help other people. This world can be insane sometimes, and sometimes we really don't get the facts that we really need.

As I do almost every day, I signed onto Generation Good to find out what tasks I have, and if there are any new tasks. I was surrounded by a wall of things that I am almost done with and a new mission. This new mission is one that had me realize being able to tell people about what's going on is awesome. 

Let me pose this hypothetical question for you. Would you eat a cake that wasn't approved by the FDA, and didn't have any ingredients listed, or have some ingredients listed such as the word flavor. You'd probably not eat it am I correct? If you're like me and have certain restrictions because of food allergies, this wouldn't buy the cake or eat it.

Of course, this isn't a post about cake, it's a post about tampons and pads. Did you know pads and tampons are not approved by the FDA and they have chemicals in them? It's true! They don't disclose what is in their products, and we're using theses items to take care of our feminine hygiene needs. It can't be safe. 

Say what?
Even worse, we know we need to take care of our women health, but how can we when we read that our pads and tampons have 'fragrance' and it doesn't give much more than that. On second thought who needs synthetic fragrances making our womanly parts smell good. Yes, we all know our fluids don't smell too good but do they need to have fake fragrances with no clue what's going? Probably not. 

Why do you need to care? 
I'm asking for a bit of change, one that should have been made long ago, because, honestly, it's not safe. Us women as the delicate beautiful human beings we are, need to know what we're doing. Do what you can to help put a change to this madness. 

You're still probably thinking about this being day 28, and wondering how this even applies to me wanting to help other people. It's a good thing I want to be able to help and want to be able to share my message with others. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Freya the Diva

Cuddle Time

It's Freya Friday, Friday for Freya. Not much is really happening in Freya's little world right now, she's just being a typical cat, but the one thing that stays in my mind and almost saddens me is that Freya was a stray, even as well behaved as she is, she was a stray.

Because we didn't intend to keep her I checked everywhere online and posted in a lot of local Facebook groups that allowed me to post lost and found links, because I was sure she had a family that cared about her. Fall changed to winter, and winter changed to spring. I still check pages on Facebook, and even Craigslist about lost and found pets, there's nothing there.

Even if the tables turned, and Freya's former humans wanted her back I would be reluctant to give her back. Even if she did wonder away by accident. I've bonded with her, and she's bonded with the whole family, well that and I treated her for fleas, ear mites, spayed her, and even fed her. She's part of the family.

Freya loves helping write my blog posts and  will sit next to me when I'm writing them like the sweetheart that she is. She loves to help and she believes she's a famous diva, which she is, at least to everyone here she's a beautiful little diva. My cat, Freya, the Diva. 

Auto-immune support pet?! Wah?!

Since I'm trying to keep my readers in the loop about my medical diagnosis, it has taken another turn, not much of a huge turn, but a turn. I'll try to explain as well as I can, because the last time I left my readers, I was told from the rheumatologist, that I was discharged from his services because he said I had a false positive.

Last week, after my appointment I started feeling extremely achy, and my back hurt which was something I've felt before, but chalked it up to nothing like a bug I couldn't shake, because my lymph nodes would get sore. But because I was losing sleep over it, I made an appointment with my doctor. I trusted my gut instincts and knew something wasn't right.

As soon as I went to my appointment she told me she wasn't happy with me being discharged from the rheumatologist's service and told me that she wanted me to see the university doctors, instead, because they actually take the time to listen.

#Infographic: 4 Most Common Triggers of a Lupus Flare. (If you live with lupus, join the social network for people like you: #lupus #lupusflare:
Photo source:
(which I am also a part of feel free to add me KateQuintzel)

She then gave me a prescription for Prednisone to stop inflammation, then told me she's not diagnosing me with anything yet but is treating me as if I have something auto-immune. Because that's all she could really do until I saw the doctors at the university. She also made an appointment with a neurologist in the mean time.

She then gave me a prescription for Prednisone to stop inflammation, then told me she's not diagnosing me with anything yet but is treating me as if I have something auto-immune. Because that's all she could really do until I saw the doctors at the university. She also made an appointment with a neurologist in the mean time.

For a quick medical run down of what an autoimmune disorder is. Please excuse the fact that I suck at describing anything medical so if something doesn't make sense I'll try to clarify it, if there are any questions.

Easily put, in someone with an autoimmune disorder our body attacks itself. With lupus, it's usually issues and RA joints. Someone, of course, can have more than one autoimmune disorder. With autoimmune disorders their pain, inflammation, tiredness, and a whole weird list of symptoms, such as dry mouth, mouth sores, rashes. Not everyone has the same exact symptoms either, but all the autoimmune disorders have a list of criteria that someone must meet to be considered positive.

All most all autoimmune disorders do have one thing in common, and that's the positive ANA. A normal person's ANA should be below 1:40. Mine is 1:160 which isn't high, but it's not exactly low either. Some people's ANA is in the 1000's, and the pattern has a lot to do with things as well. My pattern was homogenous. Which is usually common with lupus. So I'm back to the old drawing board again and hope to get more help this time.

Of course, this does bring me to one good thing about myself. I have been listening to myself a bit better. People do need to listen to their bodies and trust their gut. As soon as I was discharged from the rheumatologist, I was sure I had something wrong with me, and I wasn't just some crazy nut job. So yes trust yourself. Since I knew my body I knew what to do.
Ignore the blur this is a sleeping Freya

Since I've been feeling run down, I have had Freya near me as much as possible, she comes in and lays on my back, or my stomach and purrs. She loves keeping an eye on me to make sure I'm okay, well that and she does come to tell me, and only me that she's hungry and that she can see the bottom of her bowl. It's nice to have a nice helpful kitten help me when I'm not feeling good.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Heath Updates

Black and White Blood Pressure Kit
I've tried to be as transparent as possible with my journey through the unknown with my health, and I'm on a new leg of my journey since my last appointment with my rheumatologist, as of right now I'm discharged from the practice, until further notice. No, I didn't cause a problem, it's my blood that caused issues.

As of right now, my ANA is a homogenous 1:160 or what they like to call a borderline positive result, which was just labeled as a false positive. While I was excited about the news I was given because I didn't like the whole idea of having lupus or anything else. But at the same time, I didn't like that I didn't know what was wrong with me.

I went to my MyLupus page and journeyed about my journey with being discharged from the practice as of right now. Little did I know that this is just the first leg of my journey, 1:160 isn't usually a false positive, but just the start of many other appointments. Most people don't get a diagnosis of lupus until their organs, tissue, or body is being attacked, which mine isn't right at this moment. They also told me that it'll take at least a good 3 to 5 years to properly get diagnosed, and told to go to a different doctor. I agree I'm not going back to him.

What I am doing tomorrow is going to an appointment with my nurse practitioner, to see what she can do. The last few days I've been achy, and my lymph node in my neck have been hurting. While I don't know if its related to my health issues, I just want help and to figure out what step to go next. While some days it feels like a chore to keep my head above water, I try to keep positive.

I also have to get some more bloodwork done for my thyroid, and a 48 halter monitor, because of my heart rate the way it has been lately. I think the last few times I went it was in the 130's which really c could just be nerves or something else, I guess only time will tell. 

[Im]possibility day 26

 goals GIF
Source: the handmade business mentor
My mind is thinking about all the good things about me that I haven't talked about and that most people wouldn't know, and I'm actually stuck with ideas, 30 things aren't as easy as I thought it would be. I thought I'd get 30 things done ever so easily, but I passed 10 things so quickly.

I guess that's a good thing about me, I try to set the bar in such a way, I know I could reach it. I picked 30 days because, in the back of my head, I was thinking about how tough it'd be to write that much about me but in my heart, I was excited to talk about myself. A 30-day good thing about me challenge is just what I needed.

When the topic arose on Facebook, I was excited, really excited. I was going to do a week, and call it quits, but I knew a week would be far too easy. I'm happy that I'm going 30 days because if I look back on what I think is wonderful about myself, I know that there are 30 things I can name. Not that I'll remember more than a couple or name many, but it's beyond the point.

When you set goals that you're a little bit unsure about, it's good to grow on. If you pass it with ease it's great, and if you don't, you know you have more to work on or something like that. 

Thank you for my dear Facebook, ally. You have made me feel better about myself. Much love and much hope to you in the future, Trixie

Friday, May 12, 2017

No feebies, but I posted this instead

This week was one of those weeks I really didn't get anything for free in the mail that I can remember. It sucks I know, but that's just how life is sometimes. But instead, I made myself feel better the last few days by doing giveaways and sweepstakes. I've had someone on my Facebook, who's won tons of stuff by sweeping, and to say that I didn't feel a twinge of jealousy I would be lying.

With that said, for those who are new to the whole sweepstakes, and giveaways, there's tons of beginner stuff I must talk about, because honestly if I had the information that I have now, I would have been doing sweeps and giveaways long ago.

Sweeping and Giveaways do take time to do
I think I read that some people spend up to 4 hours a day doing sweepstakes. While it does seem like a lot of time and almost like a second job, it's what I heard people do. Taking the sweepstakes at increments is fine.

The timing is everything
Timing is almost everything, really. It's suggested to do instant win games in the early morning, and late nights sometimes works better, because not as many people are online. While it's not a guaranteed way to win, it's something to look into.

Always look to see how many prizes are going to be given out
No matter what the site is, or what you're doing, it will have a number of prizes, and a grand prize. The larger the number the more likely you are to winning.
Women typing on the notebook
Facebook Friends Matter
Like the friend I have on Facebook, who does sweepstakes and giveaways, having a few friends like that is good. It increases the odds if it's a giveaway that gives extra chances if your friends join.

Don't use all your chances
If you have more than once chance to play an instant win game during the day, don't use the changes all at once, it will not increase your chances of winning. Like I said timing is everything, sometimes it takes the time to find out when it's the best time to enter or play an instant win game.

Get a separate email address
Seriously, as much as you want to have all your sweepstakes stuff sent to your main e-mail address, it's not really the best idea. You'll be flooded with spam and newsletters, which can be a bit insane sometimes.
Person Answering Test Paper
AutoFill works great
As suggested by one of the Sweepstakes sites itself, RoboForm, works great for people who are doing sweepstakes and giveaways, it doesn't take as long to fill in the forms, which gives you time to do whatever you want or time to fill in forms, whichever you prefer.

Have Fun
There's a reason why I put this tip last, it's because as weird as it might sound people forget to have fun, and make sweeping like a job or a chore, and it's not. Most of what is not actual work on the internet should be treated that way. If you're not having fun on Facebook, don't use it, same goes with winning stuff. If you're not having fun winning, and you're mad for whatever reason, stop. Find a new hobby. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

I feel like a Burger's Episode today:

 autism GIF
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Can someone actually take pride in knowing that they are on the spectrum and call it a good thing? There once was a time in my life I would have said no, and I would have yelled at anyone who told me it was a good thing.

When people look online, or in medical books, the whole diagnosis of Aspergers sounds worse than the plague, who wants to be a loner, who loves schedules, and has acute senses. After I got told about Asperger's I picked up a medical book and read a 3 line definition, and the 3 line definition bothered me. I hid that secret for ages,

Now when I think about my life on the spectrum, it's a lot like a rainbow, beautiful after a storm.  Nobody wants an acute hearing, or a problem with textures, I know that. But when I think about my random knowledge about things, or my love for writing. It's what sets me apart.

It's kind of like one of those gifts, you know the kind that your weird old great aunt gave you, and you're not sure what on earth to do with it, but one day you're bored and you realize the build your own town set she gave you actually can keep you busy. It's a little bit like that. You don't realize how amazing something is, or something that makes you who you are, as being a good thing until you're faced with it. Heck, if I had some Egyptian mythology trivia game, or a trivia game in general to play, I do great at it. I don't mean yelling at Alex Trebec on TV, and hoping he can hear you when you're helping the other contestants on Jeopardy, I mean trivia games online.

Autism, is not a curse. It's one of the good things about me, even if other people disagree with it, and so what every time I say I'm autistic I hear Tina from Bob's Burger's saying she's autistic and Bob correcting her. It's how I see myself. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A 3 for 1 deal

This is going to be by far the weirdest entry, I'm combining a few things with this entry. I'm combining my 30 good things about me, with a product review, and a Freya update. All actually go hand in hand and I want to kill two birds with one stone.
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Freya is busy sleeping so I, Trixie, Freya's human mom have something amazing to show you. You're going to look at your screen like I'm crazy. Because what I'm going to show off, is something that looks like it's nothing but it's actually something different than what you're seeing. 

The things on the bag are not just plain old sticks, and these are not found on a tree in your back yard, unless you happen to live in Asia then you might have them in your back yard. 

Those things on my bag is called matatabi, it's a plant that's found in China and Japan, matatabi is known as Japanese catnip, because of how cats respond to it, they roll around on the floor, play with it, and when they're done there a bit wobbly.

"What exactly can matatabi help with ?" is a common question, and why someone would pick a stick over a cat nip mouse, or just a plate full of catnip from the store.Matatabi, has many uses, one is to help with cleaning a cats teeth, and a second use is to lower a cats blood pressure.  Both which are great for your cat, mainly if you don't routinely brush your cats teeth.

Freya loves her new toy, her stick. It's hard to say that my cat has a stick to play with because even looking at it, people would be sure that what I have is just a stick, but they have no clue that it's from a plant that cats love. They don't act the way that they do with a twig from an apple tree, or a maple tree. Needless to say cats love it. 

Giving people and animals things that will make them happy is something I love to do. Giving Freya and Monkey a new toy and watching them get so excited over it made me feel great. Not just because how they responded io it was funny, but because they liked the toy and it made them happy. 

If you own a cat, and want to try something new, feel free to try matatabi and see how your furry friend likes their new toy. Give them a gift, watch them have a great time. It's what being a good cat owner means. 

I received this item free and exchange for my honest opinion. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Resurrection America by Jeff Gunhus

Resurrection America
If you're truly into thrillers, this would be a great book to add to your Kindle, Nook, or even your paperback book collection. Jeff Gunhus, has so much talent as a writer, I'm almost upset that I haven't heard of him before, so here I am, done with his book, and wondering to myself, if I pick up another one of his books or not. Do I just leave everything where it is? Where do I go from here? I'm lost, confused, and itching to read more. Maybe I'll figure it out eventually. But at least this book was an awesome read.

Quick word from my cat

Hello and happy Friday, Freya here. I'm going to keep this entry short because there's really not much to say today. Human sister is over and she and I are best friends as you all know, so I've been spending a lot of time with her, but now that she's asleep, I'm cuddling on the foot of human mom's bed cuddling with a blanket and occasionally cleaning myself. Human mom says it's weird when I do the leg thing and clean myself. I didn't know that there was another way.

Now it's my favorite time of the night, naptime and cuddling with human mommy.

Day 22: Sister Telepathy

People talk about twin telepathy all the time, When one twin is sick the other can feel it, but what if I mentioned that my sister and I feel it when the other's sick. We have the same symptoms and feel about the same, and back when we were younger we could finish each other's sentences. My sister is far from my twin, we're a few years different. 

I end up having sinus pain, and she's at my mom's 55 miles away, having sinus pain. While a lot of people don't see this as one of those good things, I actually do. I think it's fantastic to know what my sister is feeling or whatever it may be. Because, then I know I can relate to her or she can relate to me. I don't like being sick at all, but I don't mind having some idea what's going on when I'm not around. 

My sister is one of my best friends, she always will be. We fought like all siblings do when we were younger. But as we got older the connection was awesome. She's a lot like I am, a bit of a loner, and a nerd. I can go on and on about how cool it is to have sister telepathy, but I can't. So to my favorite sister. You rock! 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I do not need your approval

Image result for i am who i am

What day is it? Or the better question is, what day is it with my 30 good things about me? According to my past entries, I am on day 21 only 7 more days and this will be done and over with. While I loved finding a ton of positive things about me, I really can't come up with many more good things about me. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I just can't do it.

I sit thinking before I blog about a handful of things I think are awesome about me, and when I open Blogger, I stare at the screen on my laptop for at least 20 minutes, watching the little cursor blink, blink, blink. It's quite strange when your mind is empty.

While there were a few more ideas that I was going to come up with, one good thing about me is I am a bit obscure when it comes to things I like. The best comparison I can give is Tina from Bob's Burgers, how she loves rainbows, boys, and zombies, like the three, have any similarities between them. But it's the way I am about things. I like the color pink, fashion and dresses, skulls, Hello Kitty, and Tim Burton. I guess they all go together a lot of the cool goth sites have pink dresses with skulls and Hello Kitty, but at the same time. I'm not afraid to admit I like certain things. I used to be afraid. I don't know if it was because it was hard to pinpoint myself. I have an obsession with the darkness, macabre, and just plain odd, but at the same time I love being a typical girly girl with fashion, makeup, and the color pink.

I am who I am. There's no reason to be someone else. I don't need anyone's approval but my own. 

Hug your kitty

There really shouldn't be a holiday where you have to hug your cat. I said there shouldn't be, but human mother says yes. She says that hugging me is cute. I told her to go hug Monkey instead. She wasn't too happy. But--it was the truth, I didn't a hug.

I've been chillaxing by human mom most of the day, except when she was at the store getting stuff. She was surprised to see I hadn't moved an inch when she was gone. I was just so sleepy. Being a kitten is hard work. Very hard work.

Human mom says that being a cat is a cool thing though. She says if she could be a cat she would. She wants to sleep all the time, the only thing stopping her would be eating the same kind of food day in and day out. I understand that's why I love oatmeals from my human mommy, she says oats are great foods.

To all my furry cat friends. Happy hug your cat day. Hug your kitties if they allow you to hug them. if not just tell them you care, and give them fresh food and water, and play with them for awhile. It's something that all us cats like.