Sunday, April 2, 2017

What can a vegetarian do with a knife?

Weird vegetarian post, weird vegetarian post. Warning! I'm as weird as they come! Beep! Beep! Weirdo. I love being weird. I also have something new to show people. This my handy dandy little camping knife. Yeah you're probably curious why a vegetarian would own a camping knife right? A lot of people probably are curious. It's not like everyday a vegetarian girl owns a camping knife

What are uses for camping knives that are not hunting related?

Let's first explain what a camping and hunting knife is for, just in case someone doesn't know. These knives usually have one goal and one goal alone, to cut things. Wait don't all knife cut things? In hunting purposes the knives are great for skinning. I'm not planning on going all crazy cannibal and don't really need to skin or cut anything exactly.

Cauterizing wounds: While it's highly unlikely that I will be lost in the middle of nowhere anytime soon, but then again I don't think people plan on getting in the middle of nowhere. But if I ended up seriously injuring myself and I'm left without options cauterizing my wound by heating the knife always works. Please note, that I'm aware that cauterizing could cause infections, but if you're hours from civilization and you need to do something before you bleed out. This is one of those moments, you might have to do it.

Cutting a bandage: While we're on the whole cauterizing the wound thing if you're not bleeding that bad and you don't need to cauterize but you need to cut your bandage your knife can cut a bandage. Ripping it could make it uneven, or using your mouth to rip things can cause an infection. Both of which in the wild are not worth it. 

Self Defense: So you're not left bloody and bleeding, and needing a bandage, you may need to defend yourself from a wild animal or strange woodsman, A knife like mine doesn't look like something you'd really want to use to defend yourself but in a struggle, you sometimes are left without options. 

Making tools or weapons: Okay fine? Would you prefer to use the knife to carve a point onto a stick so you have a spear to throw at someone or something? The knife can do that too. It's all matter of the mind.

As you can see there's some uses for the knife if you're a vegetarian and need it. It's even crazier that all the reasons tied into each other you're hurt, your bleeding buy our could have saved yourself, and used a weapon. Whatever works I guess.

The knife I have in the photo is not that big of a knife and doesn't look like it does much really but my knife is a pretty sharp knife even though it's small and compactable. It's a beauty isn't it? 

*This knife was given at a reduced price for my honest opinion* 

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