Friday, April 28, 2017

Want a free laptop? I know you do!

It's freebie Friday, and this freebie has been floating around my Facebook page like wildfire. You can get yourself a FREE laptop. A free laptop, aren't you excited about getting one of these things? There are tons of people that are really excited about getting one. Instead of my Freebie list, I felt a strong need to talk about this because it's very important to talk about it.

What information is needed?
Now that I got your attention they do ask for some important information from you. This is not optional and you must provide them with the information that they need. The first thing you'll need is a 2-year-old Gmail account that you can give to them. It'll be theirs now. You're also going to have to give them a copy of your ID or drivers license.

When can I use my laptop?
You won't be able to use it for a few months. You're supposed to keep it on and running. So if you have Xfinity, or have limited wifi, don't even think about getting it. Please note that Google Adwords and Google have already said not to trust this company.

What do they need my account for?
Nobody's entirely sure, other than Google frowns upon this group of people. The vague idea is to use it to post ads that Google Adwords isn't allowing it to use. So they're using your account. They could also be using it to find out your passwords, in case your accounts are connected to that email address.

What's the name of the company?
People aren't too sure it's not allowed to be shared in public. The people who run the site don't want people to share the name openly on Facebook.

So what kind of computer do I get?

People who have actually done it, have claimed it wasn't a computer at all but a refurbished $50 tablet. Nothing fancy at all. They get a tablet and get harassed by the people while waiting for it to arrive in the mail. 

Long story short
If you don't want to lose your personal information and are smart. I suggest to stay away from this company as much as you can. But if you're one of those people who have nothing to lose feel free to sign up and get a $50 tablet just for yourself. 

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