Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I used what?!

It's finally spring time, I love spring time, the flowers are growing, birds are out, and I don't have to wear a coat if I don't want to. It's what makes spring time so awesome. But if everyone remembers I just recently was given the Poppy VoxBox from Influenster, the Poppy VoxBox had everything someone would need to look and feel good about spring time. Makeup, facemasks, and my favorite dry shampoo.

Confused about dry shampoo? It's shampoo, and it's been around for a while now it's usually in powdered or spray form, and when you put it on your head it absorbs oils. But of course, if you're like I am, the concept is still pretty new to you. It was new to me. 

Eva NYC  is my first, and only dry shampoo I've tried. So far so good, doctors and hair stylists do say it's not good to shower every single day. I also occasionally use other products in my hair, hair spray, leave in conditioner and other things that make me feel human so what I did when I tried their stuff was do my hair in the modified space buns, that I seen online today and I'm going to try using the dry shampoo again tomorrow and see how my hair reacts to the product. I'll try to update more on the hair tomorrow when I'm able to.

I used Eva NYC first and did my space buns second. 

Which brings me to a series of questions for people who have dry shampooed.

  1. What company do you like the best?
  2. Most dry shampoos make it easier to get up and go. Do you feel that way or does it not really do anything for you?
  3. What other products do you use in your hair? 
  4. Have there been any allergic reactions or anything weird that happened after using a dry shampoo? 
  5. Where do you buy your dry shampoo at?
  6. Last but not least for those who've tried Eva NYC, what's your opinion of their product
I received this product free in my Poppy VoxBox, regardless, my opinions are my own. Kisses and love Trixie💋💚

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