Wednesday, April 5, 2017

How magazines can help bloggers

Hello, budding blogging newbies! Wipe that nervous sweat from your forehead, and sit down for a quick crash course in how to write a blog that can engage readers, fun and is easy for you to write.  Before you can start you're going to need a few things, Magazines, A spreadsheet, and a list of blog topics. While none of these things make sense as of right now they will when you're done

Step 1: Search for Magazine Articles
Most of the time, there's free magazines on a verity of topics both online and in print. When you're looking at your magazines, either save pages that look like their of interest or bookmark the magazine articles that are of interest, that you're going to be able to use later. Make sure that they are related to what you're writing your blog about. You don't need to keep pages of Dog Fancy if you're doing a blog on Fashion.

One reason why magazine articles are a good inspiration is, most magazines talk about what's popular right now, or stuff you should know about a topic. Sometimes going to read an article and then go to Google and learn more, and your blog may be on that list of things, causing more traffic to your blog.

Places to get free Magazines:
Step 2: Learn about the types of blog posts
Now that you have a handful of articles, you're on to the step of learning what kind of blog posts there are. If you have no clue, Heart Fib, and ProBlogger have a list of blog types. It's all up to you to find what type of blogs you want to write.  

Step 3: Pair your articles with a new blog Type
If you're looking at the list in Parenting Magazine about Books someone should read. This would pair well, with something like your own list of books someone should read, or even Twitter posts. Twitter posts can be good if you're doing a review on a product to give the readers more feedback. Just be creative. I suggest using a spreadsheet, or a whatever you want to use to keep notes what you wanted to use and how you plan on using the article. 

Step 4: Writing your blog article
Now that you have your articles paired with your blog type. It's time to go to work. If you want to do a FAQ about Thickening Shampoo, because you got a product from L'oreal to review or write an article about do it. Be yourself, 

Step 5: Keywords and Hashtag Time (optional step)
 If you want to get more views on your blog when the time comes. Learn what keywords are important, and learn the top hashtags for that keyword. Use something like, and RiteTag, If you're using more popular keywords, you're going to get more traffic, and more traffic is good

If you get a keyword that you can change in your blog article do it. It makes your blog more SEO friendly. Being SEO friendly again means more viewers.

Back to the L'Oreal example: Hashtagify me has skin care, beauty, makeup, and hair as some of their top hashtags while RiteTag, says beautiful, and skin care are one of their top searches and elisabettafranchi is one that doesn't get many shares. Don't use that as they suggest not to. 

So long story short, magazines, a spreadsheet, and list of blog topics are going to help you build your blog. Just remember. there may be many other blogs out there, but just beause there's a million doesn't mean yours won't get views. 

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