Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Good thing Day 15: I'm not afraid to say things.

You see this blog here? It's my blog. I talk about stuff here ,because I'm not afraid to talk about my life.

No but really, I've noticed one of those things that I like about myself is that I don't mind talking abou my life, some people won't talk about their lives, and just do a blog, about one of their hobbies, like camping or baking. I have this blog set up to let people into my life. People usually don't hear stories about auto-immune problems or things that people like.

So why on earth talk about Freya or stuff I get during the week for free? It's something I like doing that's why. Freya is my furry cat companion, and she's usually around me playing. I share my couponing, my freebies and even my reviews of stuff I like on my blog. I'm not going to sit around and talk about random stuff because I don't like it, I'm going be talking about it because that's what my life is about.

Logically someone's question's going to be about why on earth I have a couple of niche blogs like Madam Music Junky, Mind, Body Zen, Fuzzy Furry Paws, or any niche blog in general. I do have a few reasons, why I have a couple of other blogs. One major reason is because when it comes to music, mind, and body, or animals if I was to post everything that was on my mind or post an article about whichever topic I have, the blogs would have like 20 blog entries or more a day per topic, and they're not always personal.

Being unafraid to talk about life as it is, is something that takes some getting used to. But it does end up being therapeutic

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