Monday, April 3, 2017

Good thing Day 11 Empathetic

Is my empathy showing? I hope it is at least a little bit. Even if it's no outright obvious, one of the great things about is that I'm empathetic, probably a little too empathetic to the point that it worries me sometimes. Empathy can't always be good can it?

The logic always goes that us on the autism spectrum are not empathetic. In most cases we do have empathy, we just don't know how to convey that we are empathetic. It's not one of our strong points but there's some days I watch TV and see someone crying and I'm crying because I feel their pain. I've even cried when someone has been overjoyed on TV, Online or in public. I feel people's pain very well.

Sure I'm quiet but it doesn't really stop me from being empathetic. I hope this makes a little bit of sense. All I can say is that I'm actually quite proud of empathy. 

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