Wednesday, April 5, 2017

day 13 good things: resourceful

As artists, I think that one of the good qualities we have is that we're imaginative. We're resourceful. We like challenges.
 ~Meredith Monk

I'm not even halfway done with my 30 days, and I've realized that there are many good qualities about me. I have to dig deeply some days, but there's usually something that I can say good about myself. I'm really happy I took this challenge and did this project. Everyone should think of a list of things that are good about themselves, print it off and keep where they can see it.

Being resourceful is a trait I usually forget about, but I am very resourceful. Just recently our toilet broke for the millionth time this year. Living in an apartment complex we're urged not to mess with the toilet and let them do it. The maintenance guys like to take their own good time and it does get extremely aggravating sometimes. But since going to the bathroom is an important thing to do and to have a toilet that somewhat works. I checked to see what the problem was the chain snapped off of the toilet. The first time it happened, I went into brainstorming mode, the chains are flimsy pieces of plastic with holes in them. I knew if I had something to feed through the holes and pull it would work until someone came by to fix it.

I ran to my bedroom, grabbed some yarn out of my yarn box, fed the yarn through one of the holes in the chain and everytime someone had to go to the bathroom they pulled the piece of yarn to get the toilet to flush. I don't even know where I came up with the idea from, but my plan worked, and maintenance was surprised that we (I) actually found out a way to fix the toilet.

If I'm given a task, I do try to brainstorm and figure out a few different ways how it can be done. Sitting around and doing nothing doesn't really work. Even if the something to be done is searching Google for an answer, it's what I do.

I never realized what a great thing it was to be able to brain storm like I have, but now that I have came to realize it I'm actually quite happy. It's like I can build myself a locomotive, or cure an illness, but I do know that if there's a wil lthere's a way to that things can be fixed.  

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