Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Day 12 Good things: Knowledge is Power!

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Ever sit around learning for the fun of it? Most people don't even imagine something like that. But learning random things for fun is exciting to me. I'm aware curiosity killed the cat, but at the same time learning is fun, and we should remain a little cautious when it comes to being curious.

The internet is full of useful information, and cool stuff if you're wanting to learn something new. I love playing educational games, one of my favorite things to learn about happens to be genetics and heredity, but I like learning almost anything. As long as it's somewhat easy to explain and I know what's being talked about, then I'm happy to learn.

As someone who loves to write, learning about new things gives me a wide range of things to write about, and sometimes it's just tons of fun. For an example, if one of my story characters builds rockets, but I know nothing about rockets, I can always learn what I can from online learning and even offline learning.

Would I ever need random information? Probably not, unless I go on to show like Jeopardy, or any game show. But life is about learning, and learning things is kind of interesting to me.

Don't think I just learn things online, I like hands on learning as well. Little things can become a learning experience. One thing I learned after being at the store, was the difference between white sugar and brown sugar, or going to the local park and learning not to feed geese and ducks food because it bothers their stomach.

Part of me wants to sing the School House Rock intro song, just because it was one of my favorite things to learn from.Learning is something that really does excite me. 

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