Friday, April 28, 2017

Furry Freya Cat blog

Before I move on to Freya's entry, I do have to say that Freya is getting her third amazing product to share and talk about in a few weeks. I won't get into details, but Freya is going to do a review of a product that I've ordered her, and I'd like her to give her opinions on things more often. She really is a very opinionated cat.

This is is how princes's furball likes to cuddle.
Hey people, little Miss Freya here with another blog, Human girl didn't let me blog on Wednesday because I had to keep her company. She's been getting a headache, and I like cuddling with her to make her feel better. I crawl onto her tummy and purr. I purr really really loud. I even play upside down super kitty on her lap when I can.

When I'm not cuddling with human mom I'm watching for human sister from my window. Mom says human sister stays at her mommy's house, and only comes here a few times a week, but I still miss my sister. I just like looking out of the window hoping that she'll come and visit me. But she hasn't, so I go back to human mom, sad, and sometimes I cry. Mom says my crying's sad. 

Human mom also made a Freya cat on her human people and pet game. Mom calls it The Sims, I'm not sure what a Sim is or how she made a kitty that kinda looks like me, but she did, the Freya cat on her game got old and is going to die.

That's all that's really been up in the world of Freya. Hope to talk to my Freya fans soon. Much love and show your torti-tude. 

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