Friday, April 7, 2017

A nifty couponing tip for walmart shoppers

You're starting to coupon am I right? You've looked at The Krazy Coupon Lady's store matchups for Walmart and get so excited that you can finally use your coupon as it's meant to be. You get to Walmart just to realize that it's not the same price on the website. Snap! What on earth does someone do then?

I ran into that problem a few times last week and was really upset because of it. I couldn't save money and feel great about couponing. As I said about one of the good things about myself is I like to brainstorm. I have found the most ingenious plan to help me coupon better. I'll break it down as easily as possible for you.

What you will need:

Step one: Looking at your coupons or the Krazy Coupon Lady's website 

I quickly took one of my coupons out of my binder. For this example and not  The Krazy Coupon Lady's website. It's a coupon for Dove Clinical Protection. Always make sure that the coupon hasn't expired yet, how much the coupons for andthe exclusions so that you're aware of them and the most important thing to remember that it is indeed a Manufacturer Coupon, 

Step 2: Looking Up the UPC 

Go to the UPC database and type in whatever product you're looking for. The coupon should tell you what you can use it on. The Dove coupon I have is for Clinical Protection, the single boxes and not a trial, twin or travel packs. That's important to remember once you reach step 3. You'll end up with a list of UPC's like the one below.

Step 3: Checking Brickseek

Don't worry you won't need a membership to Brickseek. What you're going to do is fairly easy. You're going to go to the Walmart Inventory Checker and input the UPC's of the product that you're looking for. Like the one below. Make sure you have UPC clicked and not SKU the UPC. Feel free to put in whatever zip codes closer. Click Check Inventory.
You'll get a list of the stores that carry the product in your area with that UPC and the prices. This should give you an idea on the price of the item. For my safety, I did remove the stores in my area on the list below. 

Step 4: Comparing Prices 

Now that I know that the Walmart in my area sells Dove Clinical Protection. for $7.18, its time to figure out the math. The deodorant is $5.68 out of pocket as of right now. It's fine to go look at other lists to even check CVS, or Target if you want to. The only difference would be, if you go to order coupons the prices can change weekly, and Walmarts prices usually stay consistent, helping you learn a little bit better.

Step 5: Checking for other rebates

Most of the couponers have rebate apps. I use Ibotta, Berry Cart, Checkout 51, MobiSave and Savingstar. It's best to see if you're going to save any more money. You don't have to do this step but it does help give you money back. After my search, I learned that there are no rebates for the product

Hopefully this tip helped you save money and embarrassment when you go to Walmart. 

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