Saturday, April 29, 2017

6 things I learned about dry shampoo

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As promised I came back to update on the dry shampoo. I've done a lot of things to test how well it works with my hair, and what it can do. I may have a slight love for shampoo all together but, baby it's worth it to make your hair feel and smell great.

1. Dry shampoo dates back to the 1700's

I did my research to find that dry shampoo can trace its roots back to the 1700's. They had a dry powder spray that people sprayed on to their wigs to deodorize them. The dry shampoo also changed the color of the wigs as well. 

2. You can remove the shine from wigs with dry shampoo. 

I like wigs, but don't have many of my own yet, but I was curious if somebody could use dry shampoo for their wigs. The answer is yes, what it's used for is to remove the shine from someone's wig rather than clean it.

3. Do not use it every day

While yes dry shampoo may remove oil from your hair, you actually need a little bit of oil to keep your hair healthy. Just like showering you don't need to use the dry shampoo all the time. You should only use it if you're in a hurry. 

4. Do not use dry shampoo on wet hair. 

I know it shouldn't be much of a shocker to not use dry shampoo on wet hair, but spraying it on your wet hair doesn't do anything, and it really serves no need at all to spray it.

5. You can still style your hair normally. 

The last few days, I've been doing a modified space bun, like I've seen on YouTube, modified buns take some hair spray, hair ties, and bobby pins. I was sure that the dry shampoo when I was done with my hair during the day wouldn't even effect the hair spray for whatever reason. When actually it did. I almost forgot that I had hair spray in my hair. 

6. It does not help with dandruff
I have a nasty problem with dandruff, and while I was attempting my dry shampooing, my dandruff reemerged, and now my hair looks like its winter time and my dark clothes have tons of little specks on them. If you have dandruff, do not think that using dry shampoo is going to help with it at all. 

Friday, April 28, 2017

There's no place like home

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It's Friday night, and I'm at home, it's like that every Friday night, and to be honest, I really don't mind it at all. There's going to be this handful of people that are going to tell me that it's one of the worst things ever, to be home on a Friday night, writing, and eating cookies, but really it's not. I really like sitting around, writing and eating cookies.

Being a homebody is actually one of those good things about me. That's why I've listed it as number 20. A few years ago, I would have said it was stupid, and I wanted to get out and do things, but I've noticed the quietness and the creativity that I have deep down in my soul are what actually make me happy. It's crazy right?

So what if I like being home more? It's what makes me happy, even it doesn't make everyone around me very happy.

Furry Freya Cat blog

Before I move on to Freya's entry, I do have to say that Freya is getting her third amazing product to share and talk about in a few weeks. I won't get into details, but Freya is going to do a review of a product that I've ordered her, and I'd like her to give her opinions on things more often. She really is a very opinionated cat.

This is is how princes's furball likes to cuddle.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Will this cause a rash? It's a good thing right?

Something I tried and loved
This video scared the living daylights out of my son, while I can nod my head and agree, it is slightly scary to even think that there's talking food in anyone's stomach, and can possibly be why my son refuses to want to eat carrots. It's not like talking food is something you'd ever want to deal with
At least the good thing about myself has nothing to do with Yo Gabba Gabba at least not directly. The song itself is one thing I've liked about myself. I'm someone who's not afraid to try new things if I'm able to. I do have allergies which do limit things I can try. Red dye 40, latex, nickel, and lanolin are all things that will make me sick. But if it doesn't have those things in it, I'm willing to try.

Yes, for the most part, I am vegetarian. But there once was a time, before I went fully vegetarian that I would have eaten road kill stew. It's exactly as it sounds, road kill stew was a soup that had a raccoon, and possum in it. Other people were eating it, and it looked good. I wouldn't have cared about it being a raccoon or a possum. I would have tried it, just to try it. 

Being willing to try new things, is really why I love Influenster, Smiley, and sites that allow people to try stuff. I'm able to be myself, and try things and if it causes a rash or causes my hair to fall out so be it. I tried something new, or something that was interesting enough, to be shared in a box, or to have someone give their opinion of it, I think it's awesome. 

So in the end, It's actually something awesome I like about myself. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Day 17: Good things about me,

While I know it's true for a lot of people, especially myself. I have been thinking about this one good thing I have always loved about myself. I'm one of those people who are not afraid to learn about myself. No matter what is is, if it's one of those little survey things that they had on MySpace that came from Bzoink, or was in someone else's bulletin box, something someone found on Quizfarm about what cartoon character or mythological animal I was like, or one of my all time favorite things, personality tests, I like learning how I learn better. I'm more a verbal musical type of person, and when I learn things about myself, I find it interesting.

While I know QuizFarm's old site had many quizzes and survey's that made zero sense. I get that. But there are more scientific ones that stopped me and interested me to no end. Like the one, I took today on PlayBuzz about my dominant spiritual color. Say what?! Yeah, I took it because I like that whole spiritual thing. I got sage, and for the most part it hit the nail on the head, I am neurotic, creative, and intelligent. I really didn't need to take a quiz to know that kind of news, but at the same time, it was one of those things that I found really interesting about me.

Can learning about yourself by ways of quizzes and questions be helpful? I'd love to think so, really I do, but I guess it depends on the person. There are both ways of seeing it I'm sure. No not everything asked is accurate, and it does take some knowing yourself a little bit to know if what you're reading is true or not but it's always interesting to me. 

I used what?!

It's finally spring time, I love spring time, the flowers are growing, birds are out, and I don't have to wear a coat if I don't want to. It's what makes spring time so awesome. But if everyone remembers I just recently was given the Poppy VoxBox from Influenster, the Poppy VoxBox had everything someone would need to look and feel good about spring time. Makeup, facemasks, and my favorite dry shampoo.

Confused about dry shampoo? It's shampoo, and it's been around for a while now it's usually in powdered or spray form, and when you put it on your head it absorbs oils. But of course, if you're like I am, the concept is still pretty new to you. It was new to me. 

Eva NYC  is my first, and only dry shampoo I've tried. So far so good, doctors and hair stylists do say it's not good to shower every single day. I also occasionally use other products in my hair, hair spray, leave in conditioner and other things that make me feel human so what I did when I tried their stuff was do my hair in the modified space buns, that I seen online today and I'm going to try using the dry shampoo again tomorrow and see how my hair reacts to the product. I'll try to update more on the hair tomorrow when I'm able to.

I used Eva NYC first and did my space buns second. 

Which brings me to a series of questions for people who have dry shampooed.

  1. What company do you like the best?
  2. Most dry shampoos make it easier to get up and go. Do you feel that way or does it not really do anything for you?
  3. What other products do you use in your hair? 
  4. Have there been any allergic reactions or anything weird that happened after using a dry shampoo? 
  5. Where do you buy your dry shampoo at?
  6. Last but not least for those who've tried Eva NYC, what's your opinion of their product
I received this product free in my Poppy VoxBox, regardless, my opinions are my own. Kisses and love Trixie💋💚

Monday, April 24, 2017

Resistance is futile

my husbands bands
Don't you just hate it when you get a piece of exercise equipment that you don't like? I hate it, I really do. My husband had several latex resistance bands and kept telling me he needed ones with handles. Handles are better than just a round rubber band looking thing. Core Fitness Zone's resistance bands were right up my husband's alley. They had handles and they had ankle restraints, both of which he said would help him.

I knew what I had to do, before I got excited and ordered these bands. I took to Twitter to see what all the buzz is about. Twitter does have answers if you're ever curious. I removed the people's names just for their protection.

As much as I wanted to find more positive comments about this stuff, a lot of people haven't tried theirs yet, but those who did, this is what I have learned so far about the bands my husband wanted to get.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Day 16: Memories

It's almost like a where's Waldo photo. I'm the one that's at the
end looking at my feet

My mom's side of the family. I'm the one that's
front and center.
A few years ago, I woke up from a really weird dream. I couldn't explain it, it was my younger cousin, who I hadn't talked to in what seems like a life time and a half ago. I took it as a sign that I needed to find him. Something told me to find him and as weird as it sounds. I a very old photo of him and I together and mentioned something on Facebook how I missed my cousin and I wondered how he was doing.

It wasn't until a search of Facebook, that I found what I was looking for, my cousin. It's one of those things that I think that's good about me. I don't forget people who are important in my life, or people who've been in my life, for the most part. There some minor characters in my life I don't remember the name of but I remember most of them. Sure sometimes I only remember the face and not the name. But for the most part both stick out.

I'm sure it could be a bad thing to remember people, but I really don't think so. I actually like remembering people as they were and as they are. It's one of those things, that if you don't fully understand it. It will be viewed in a negative light.

I remember a handful of people I've talked to online, I won't give their names out, because I really don't feel that it's important to talk about who I remember, I just want to remember them as they were, and as they are.

To everyone who I've known in the past that are reading this blog (which I'm sure aren't many), thank you for being there for me. You've been amazing friends, and amazing family members. With that said I leave you with an old family photo. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Good thing Day 15: I'm not afraid to say things.

You see this blog here? It's my blog. I talk about stuff here ,because I'm not afraid to talk about my life.

No but really, I've noticed one of those things that I like about myself is that I don't mind talking abou my life, some people won't talk about their lives, and just do a blog, about one of their hobbies, like camping or baking. I have this blog set up to let people into my life. People usually don't hear stories about auto-immune problems or things that people like.

So why on earth talk about Freya or stuff I get during the week for free? It's something I like doing that's why. Freya is my furry cat companion, and she's usually around me playing. I share my couponing, my freebies and even my reviews of stuff I like on my blog. I'm not going to sit around and talk about random stuff because I don't like it, I'm going be talking about it because that's what my life is about.

Logically someone's question's going to be about why on earth I have a couple of niche blogs like Madam Music Junky, Mind, Body Zen, Fuzzy Furry Paws, or any niche blog in general. I do have a few reasons, why I have a couple of other blogs. One major reason is because when it comes to music, mind, and body, or animals if I was to post everything that was on my mind or post an article about whichever topic I have, the blogs would have like 20 blog entries or more a day per topic, and they're not always personal.

Being unafraid to talk about life as it is, is something that takes some getting used to. But it does end up being therapeutic

Friday, April 14, 2017

Calling new bloggers! Need help? I can help you

I was asked by a neighbor and my mail lady why I get so many packages. So I thought I'd clarify this with everyone. I like being an influencer and a blogger. It's one of my favorite things to do. An influencer is a term they give to people who influence the public about a certain product. When you influence a group of people or blog, it's a bit different than just getting something free there is work involved. I'll try to break down all the places to go as easily as I can.

Some of sites on the list were on Tiffany & Stephanie's Review Blog list so I can't take much credit for finding the links, or really much of the organizational part of my blog, even though I organized it tons differently than she has.

If you want to start blogging or whatever I suggest getting a new e-mail address if you want to sign up for sites like these. It gets crowded and very overwhelming to have all of the sites in your main e-mail inbox.

WHINE logo effect. Colorful text effects in various flavors. Customize your own text here:
These sites are stuff that's always free, there are no strings attached, they're easy to understand. You just click and order the product. The products usually take 6-8 weeks to arrive so don't be surprised if you don't get your product right away.

Once you get freebies it can jumpstart your blog if you wanted to talk about one of the freebies you got. It's a great way to practice.

WHINE logo effect. Colorful text effects in various flavors. Customize your own text here:
WHINE logo effect. Colorful text effects in various flavors. Customize your own text here:
You're able to get free Ebooks if you want, and even some free paper books. If you downlaod books to your Kindle (you can actually get Kindle books on your computer) via Jungle search, set the price to 0.00 to 0.00.

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Influencer sites are sites like I mentioned before they are sites mainly for bloggers and people who have huge followings on social media sites. I have a few tricks on getting people to follow your site or even look at your site to boost rating's which will be down below.

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There's a reason why this is the beginning influencer list and the influenster list. A brand ambassador doesn't always have requirements, but they can be hard to get into. What's a brand ambassador you may ask? These (we, I you, whatever your want to use) are the people who promote a brand. These are the brands you love and you want to talk about more. 

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If your numbers aren't good yet and you're still beginning these are good sites to start getting a little bit of a fan base with. You don't need a certain number of friends and you can get anywhere from 5-10 products a month
Influenster (I have notes about this down below)

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Product testing sites are sites that rely on somoene to buy an object for a reduced price or possibly free. These products should be shared in your blog and on social media as often as you can. This ued to include Amazon reviews, but now that Amazon's reviews are almost taboo, one is not required to do any reviews on Amazon.

Friday, April 7, 2017

A nifty couponing tip for walmart shoppers

You're starting to coupon am I right? You've looked at The Krazy Coupon Lady's store matchups for Walmart and get so excited that you can finally use your coupon as it's meant to be. You get to Walmart just to realize that it's not the same price on the website. Snap! What on earth does someone do then?

I ran into that problem a few times last week and was really upset because of it. I couldn't save money and feel great about couponing. As I said about one of the good things about myself is I like to brainstorm. I have found the most ingenious plan to help me coupon better. I'll break it down as easily as possible for you.

What you will need:

Step one: Looking at your coupons or the Krazy Coupon Lady's website 

I quickly took one of my coupons out of my binder. For this example and not  The Krazy Coupon Lady's website. It's a coupon for Dove Clinical Protection. Always make sure that the coupon hasn't expired yet, how much the coupons for andthe exclusions so that you're aware of them and the most important thing to remember that it is indeed a Manufacturer Coupon, 

Step 2: Looking Up the UPC 

Go to the UPC database and type in whatever product you're looking for. The coupon should tell you what you can use it on. The Dove coupon I have is for Clinical Protection, the single boxes and not a trial, twin or travel packs. That's important to remember once you reach step 3. You'll end up with a list of UPC's like the one below.

Step 3: Checking Brickseek

Don't worry you won't need a membership to Brickseek. What you're going to do is fairly easy. You're going to go to the Walmart Inventory Checker and input the UPC's of the product that you're looking for. Like the one below. Make sure you have UPC clicked and not SKU the UPC. Feel free to put in whatever zip codes closer. Click Check Inventory.
You'll get a list of the stores that carry the product in your area with that UPC and the prices. This should give you an idea on the price of the item. For my safety, I did remove the stores in my area on the list below. 

Step 4: Comparing Prices 

Now that I know that the Walmart in my area sells Dove Clinical Protection. for $7.18, its time to figure out the math. The deodorant is $5.68 out of pocket as of right now. It's fine to go look at other lists to even check CVS, or Target if you want to. The only difference would be, if you go to order coupons the prices can change weekly, and Walmarts prices usually stay consistent, helping you learn a little bit better.

Step 5: Checking for other rebates

Most of the couponers have rebate apps. I use Ibotta, Berry Cart, Checkout 51, MobiSave and Savingstar. It's best to see if you're going to save any more money. You don't have to do this step but it does help give you money back. After my search, I learned that there are no rebates for the product

Hopefully this tip helped you save money and embarrassment when you go to Walmart. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

10 reasons why Fabreeze One is is better than the leading sprays

I know I'm not alone when there's a new room spray on the market.The shifty eye look happens, and we're hoping that the spray actually smells good. We've all been there, those who say no, haven't gone to buy a room spray before.

Fabreeze One was one of those products that I was really concerned about their claims were really far fetched. Fabreeze's claims always seem far fetched to me, it's not like I'd want to blindfold myself and be in a pile of trash and have Fabreeze sprayed around me, I was sure it was going to be a lot like that. After trying Fabreeze One I was actually surprised.

The spray is a nice airy smell, no matter what scent you choose. 
2.  It's aerosol-free.
3.  The sprayer is reusable and recyclable.
4.  There's three scents, bamboo, mandarin, and orchid
5. The price is no different than any other spray, which at first sounds like it's no different than the leading spray, but
6. Their ratings on the Fabreeze site are almost perfect, and that's out of 700 people. I know I'm not the only one that sees the difference.
7. There are no dyes. Who needs dyes in room and fabric spray? It's not like we're supposed to see it. Come on companies. Blue 4, in a room and fabric spray. Nobody wants a room and fabric spray that dyes their white pillows blue.
8. The nozzle is easy to use. It's an easy to use the nozzle, I like that better, I don't know how many times I accidently sprayed something in my eye before, at least if the nozzle needs to be primed, there's less of a likelihood that I'd be blind.
9.  There's a lot in the bottle. It may not look like there's a lot of spray in the bottle because that's what we're used to half full bottles of room and fabric spray. Fabreeze isn't like that. Fabreeze actually works.
10. There's usually Fabreeze coupons in almost every coupon insert so you're able to save money,

The item above was given in exchange for my honest opinion. I did not receive any compensation for this product, nor did getting this product for free influence my opinion. 

Good things about me day 14: Healthy Eater

 healthy GIF

SLOTHILDA funny animation cute food GIF

Ever since I was young, I'd sneak a green pepper from the counter and eat it. I'd even ask if I could have a salad at McDonald's because it's what I wanted. Little did I know that I'd actually love eating healthy.

Because I am human and I don't mind snacking every now and then. I do eat candy, donuts or cookies. I'd be lured away by a crumb donut if it was possible. But for the most part, I love eating healthy.
If f I was asked to pick between a cookie or a salad with avocado. and some crutons. I'd pick the salad. I'm not afraid to admit it. I like eating healthy.

Eating healthy is more than just a way of life, it's what makes someone live life. It's just one of those things that make me who I am and it's a good thing. I love eating healthy.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

How magazines can help bloggers

Hello, budding blogging newbies! Wipe that nervous sweat from your forehead, and sit down for a quick crash course in how to write a blog that can engage readers, fun and is easy for you to write.  Before you can start you're going to need a few things, Magazines, A spreadsheet, and a list of blog topics. While none of these things make sense as of right now they will when you're done

Step 1: Search for Magazine Articles
Most of the time, there's free magazines on a verity of topics both online and in print. When you're looking at your magazines, either save pages that look like their of interest or bookmark the magazine articles that are of interest, that you're going to be able to use later. Make sure that they are related to what you're writing your blog about. You don't need to keep pages of Dog Fancy if you're doing a blog on Fashion.

One reason why magazine articles are a good inspiration is, most magazines talk about what's popular right now, or stuff you should know about a topic. Sometimes going to read an article and then go to Google and learn more, and your blog may be on that list of things, causing more traffic to your blog.

Places to get free Magazines:
Step 2: Learn about the types of blog posts
Now that you have a handful of articles, you're on to the step of learning what kind of blog posts there are. If you have no clue, Heart Fib, and ProBlogger have a list of blog types. It's all up to you to find what type of blogs you want to write.  

Step 3: Pair your articles with a new blog Type
If you're looking at the list in Parenting Magazine about Books someone should read. This would pair well, with something like your own list of books someone should read, or even Twitter posts. Twitter posts can be good if you're doing a review on a product to give the readers more feedback. Just be creative. I suggest using a spreadsheet, or a whatever you want to use to keep notes what you wanted to use and how you plan on using the article. 

Step 4: Writing your blog article
Now that you have your articles paired with your blog type. It's time to go to work. If you want to do a FAQ about Thickening Shampoo, because you got a product from L'oreal to review or write an article about do it. Be yourself, 

Step 5: Keywords and Hashtag Time (optional step)
 If you want to get more views on your blog when the time comes. Learn what keywords are important, and learn the top hashtags for that keyword. Use something like, and RiteTag, If you're using more popular keywords, you're going to get more traffic, and more traffic is good

If you get a keyword that you can change in your blog article do it. It makes your blog more SEO friendly. Being SEO friendly again means more viewers.

Back to the L'Oreal example: Hashtagify me has skin care, beauty, makeup, and hair as some of their top hashtags while RiteTag, says beautiful, and skin care are one of their top searches and elisabettafranchi is one that doesn't get many shares. Don't use that as they suggest not to. 

So long story short, magazines, a spreadsheet, and list of blog topics are going to help you build your blog. Just remember. there may be many other blogs out there, but just beause there's a million doesn't mean yours won't get views. 

Freya quit putting your toys in the water!

Ms. Trouble herself

It's Wednesday, and we all know what that means. It's time to talk about my cute kitten Freya. Freya the diva, and the cat that has to be the center of attention. That's why I dedicated time to her every week. If she was a human I'm sure she'd be writing her own blog, or having someone write it for her.

Mrs. Diva has a new habit. She loves putting everything she has into her water. It was the first time I ever had a cat do something that strange. Imagine going to the kitchen and you find water on the floor for the third time that day, because your cat put their toy in their water dish, just to knock the dish over and pull the toy back out.

I took to Google like a hawk, and read phrases about cats downing toys, to cats putting toys into their water dish. At least I knew I wasn't alone when it came to my cat. Upon further research I learned that cats in the wild take their food and stuff back to the den, because it's their territory,. The water and food dishes are the indoor cat's teritory, so they put the toy or whatever it may be in to a safe place, like their water bowl.

Another possibility since nobody really knows why cats do it is a lot like other animals do, they have their own little "collection" so to speak. The bowl is just that place where cats want to keep their stuff.

I can say that Freya isn't happy when I have to take her toys out of the water bowl and then clean up the water that she knocked over. I know if she were able to speak she'd yell at me for doing it. Sigh! At least I do have a little bit of an answer why she does what she does. 

day 13 good things: resourceful

As artists, I think that one of the good qualities we have is that we're imaginative. We're resourceful. We like challenges.
 ~Meredith Monk

I'm not even halfway done with my 30 days, and I've realized that there are many good qualities about me. I have to dig deeply some days, but there's usually something that I can say good about myself. I'm really happy I took this challenge and did this project. Everyone should think of a list of things that are good about themselves, print it off and keep where they can see it.

Being resourceful is a trait I usually forget about, but I am very resourceful. Just recently our toilet broke for the millionth time this year. Living in an apartment complex we're urged not to mess with the toilet and let them do it. The maintenance guys like to take their own good time and it does get extremely aggravating sometimes. But since going to the bathroom is an important thing to do and to have a toilet that somewhat works. I checked to see what the problem was the chain snapped off of the toilet. The first time it happened, I went into brainstorming mode, the chains are flimsy pieces of plastic with holes in them. I knew if I had something to feed through the holes and pull it would work until someone came by to fix it.

I ran to my bedroom, grabbed some yarn out of my yarn box, fed the yarn through one of the holes in the chain and everytime someone had to go to the bathroom they pulled the piece of yarn to get the toilet to flush. I don't even know where I came up with the idea from, but my plan worked, and maintenance was surprised that we (I) actually found out a way to fix the toilet.

If I'm given a task, I do try to brainstorm and figure out a few different ways how it can be done. Sitting around and doing nothing doesn't really work. Even if the something to be done is searching Google for an answer, it's what I do.

I never realized what a great thing it was to be able to brain storm like I have, but now that I have came to realize it I'm actually quite happy. It's like I can build myself a locomotive, or cure an illness, but I do know that if there's a wil lthere's a way to that things can be fixed.  

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Day 12 Good things: Knowledge is Power!

 illustration drawing power education mr GIF
Ever sit around learning for the fun of it? Most people don't even imagine something like that. But learning random things for fun is exciting to me. I'm aware curiosity killed the cat, but at the same time learning is fun, and we should remain a little cautious when it comes to being curious.

The internet is full of useful information, and cool stuff if you're wanting to learn something new. I love playing educational games, one of my favorite things to learn about happens to be genetics and heredity, but I like learning almost anything. As long as it's somewhat easy to explain and I know what's being talked about, then I'm happy to learn.

As someone who loves to write, learning about new things gives me a wide range of things to write about, and sometimes it's just tons of fun. For an example, if one of my story characters builds rockets, but I know nothing about rockets, I can always learn what I can from online learning and even offline learning.

Would I ever need random information? Probably not, unless I go on to show like Jeopardy, or any game show. But life is about learning, and learning things is kind of interesting to me.

Don't think I just learn things online, I like hands on learning as well. Little things can become a learning experience. One thing I learned after being at the store, was the difference between white sugar and brown sugar, or going to the local park and learning not to feed geese and ducks food because it bothers their stomach.

Part of me wants to sing the School House Rock intro song, just because it was one of my favorite things to learn from.Learning is something that really does excite me. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Good thing Day 11 Empathetic

Is my empathy showing? I hope it is at least a little bit. Even if it's no outright obvious, one of the great things about is that I'm empathetic, probably a little too empathetic to the point that it worries me sometimes. Empathy can't always be good can it?

The logic always goes that us on the autism spectrum are not empathetic. In most cases we do have empathy, we just don't know how to convey that we are empathetic. It's not one of our strong points but there's some days I watch TV and see someone crying and I'm crying because I feel their pain. I've even cried when someone has been overjoyed on TV, Online or in public. I feel people's pain very well.

Sure I'm quiet but it doesn't really stop me from being empathetic. I hope this makes a little bit of sense. All I can say is that I'm actually quite proud of empathy. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

What can a vegetarian do with a knife?

Weird vegetarian post, weird vegetarian post. Warning! I'm as weird as they come! Beep! Beep! Weirdo. I love being weird. I also have something new to show people. This my handy dandy little camping knife. Yeah you're probably curious why a vegetarian would own a camping knife right? A lot of people probably are curious. It's not like everyday a vegetarian girl owns a camping knife

What are uses for camping knives that are not hunting related?

Let's first explain what a camping and hunting knife is for, just in case someone doesn't know. These knives usually have one goal and one goal alone, to cut things. Wait don't all knife cut things? In hunting purposes the knives are great for skinning. I'm not planning on going all crazy cannibal and don't really need to skin or cut anything exactly.

Cauterizing wounds: While it's highly unlikely that I will be lost in the middle of nowhere anytime soon, but then again I don't think people plan on getting in the middle of nowhere. But if I ended up seriously injuring myself and I'm left without options cauterizing my wound by heating the knife always works. Please note, that I'm aware that cauterizing could cause infections, but if you're hours from civilization and you need to do something before you bleed out. This is one of those moments, you might have to do it.

Cutting a bandage: While we're on the whole cauterizing the wound thing if you're not bleeding that bad and you don't need to cauterize but you need to cut your bandage your knife can cut a bandage. Ripping it could make it uneven, or using your mouth to rip things can cause an infection. Both of which in the wild are not worth it. 

Self Defense: So you're not left bloody and bleeding, and needing a bandage, you may need to defend yourself from a wild animal or strange woodsman, A knife like mine doesn't look like something you'd really want to use to defend yourself but in a struggle, you sometimes are left without options. 

Making tools or weapons: Okay fine? Would you prefer to use the knife to carve a point onto a stick so you have a spear to throw at someone or something? The knife can do that too. It's all matter of the mind.

As you can see there's some uses for the knife if you're a vegetarian and need it. It's even crazier that all the reasons tied into each other you're hurt, your bleeding buy our could have saved yourself, and used a weapon. Whatever works I guess.

The knife I have in the photo is not that big of a knife and doesn't look like it does much really but my knife is a pretty sharp knife even though it's small and compactable. It's a beauty isn't it? 

*This knife was given at a reduced price for my honest opinion*