Friday, March 24, 2017

What if? Writing Prompt

Because writing is my specialty and because I need to practice more, I took a look at Seventh Sanctum's What-if-anator, and pressed the Generate Ideas button, to find me a what if that would be interesting. I'm giving myself 10 minutes to write whatever comes to my mind with the What-if-anotor's prompt.

What if ...the rise of Buddhism had never happened?

As much as I just want to say there would be no Buddhist monks and that there would be peace. There's actually a lot more than just that when it comes to if the rise of Buddhism never happened. The Buddha's quotes are still ingrained in people's mind, and have helped people within their lives. I don't mean religiously, I mean all together. Buddhism to me has always been a train of thought and not a religion as much. Some people do treat it as a religion, but it's also just a train of thought.

If the rise of Buddhism never happened, I don't think the mirrored sayings with Jesus and Buddha would exist. While I'm trying not to get all religious, mock anybody's religion or hoping not to offend people. But there has been some theory that when Jesus was on the Silk Road that he came across some monks and that's why some of his quotes are close to the Buddha's quotes. If Buddhism never rose, I don't think all those sayings would exist.

It's really hard to think of Buddhism never happened. It's really a deep part of life. I don't think that there'd even be monks, and that Star Wars would be a bit different of a movie. How does Star Wars compare to Buddhism? George Lucas is a Catholic Buddhist, and some of the stuff in the movies were inspired by Buddhism. To imagine Star Wars beeing any different than it already is, happens to be a bit strange and a bit scary.

As I'm sitting here trying to understand how life would be different without the rise of Buddhism, I am so happy Buddhism actually does exist. It's a very beautiful belief to have, and it's enriched so many people's lives and even my own. Buddhism is very amazing isn't it?

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