Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Silly little nosy kitten

My name is Freya I am the neighborhood gossip if only people to hear what I could say and what I've seen. Human mom likes to look out the window with me sometimes and make me feel a bit claustrophobic, but sitting and staring out the window's my thing. I like learning about things, by not going outside. I was a homeless kitten when my human mommy and daddy found me.

Human mom says I sit looking out the window in style and very comfortable. I sit at the back of the couch and place my paws under my chin while I look out the window. Sitting on the couch is more comfortable than a windowsill. I'm Freya, a cat--a curious cat.

Now here's a quick word from my human mom.

It hasn't been really described how Freya came to live with us yet. Freya's story is a bit weird because it's one of the few times I've ever heard anything like this happening. They say you let the cat pick you, but not you pick the cat. Freya did pick us, more than I could have imagined.

It was Halloween night, my husband and I were going to go to the grocery store to pick up something to drink. As we were going to leave, I was sidetracked by a little tortoiseshell kitten, she was adorable and very friendly. I was pretty sure that she belonged to one of the neighbors because she was so friendly. She walked into to two of the neighbor's apartments just to be told she didn't live there, followed by getting kicked out.

I tried opening our apartment door to see what she'd do, she walked right in. My husband told me not to get too acquainted with the kitten because she was going to go back outside when the weather got nice. I just kind of ignored him. While we both called her Pumpkin, it was the name I thought felt right for Freya since we found her on Halloween and she was fall colors.

Freya sounds her way to my bed in the bedroom took a good long look at Monkey (the other cat), licked her butt, as if to say kiss my butt and fell asleep. While she was asleep I posted a few ads on Facebook to hopefully find this little kitten's owner. I posted everywhere I could.

The name Pumpkin eventually got changed to Freya because I went with the name of the Norse Goddess Freya, who was a valkyrie, and had two black cats pulling her chariots, the name just felt like it was right. A beautiful little goddess type of cat, who was so sweet and demanded attention.

Eventually, Rayne, my step daughter came by and met Freya. While Freya was friendly with us, she was overly friendly to Rayne, she'd sit on her, play with her, and even sleep with her, and once my husband saw the bond between the cat and the human, it was obvious that she belonged here with us.

Freya since then has been spayed, treated for ear mites, and for fleas. She's even fattened up a lot since we first got her and has blossomed into a beautiful cat. 

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