Friday, March 31, 2017

My new toy!

My whole collection.
There really wasn't many freebies this week at all other than a US weekly, some weeks are slow as I've said in the past. I've also been slacking a bit looking for Freebies, but in the next few weeks,

I do have some cool things coming.

I did get a new Mario Toy to my collection today. I'm so excited to show him off. I was originally looking for a Yoshi, who's oddly MIA from the boxes. I don't know if someone sifted through them and bought all the Yoshi's or what. But I couldn't find any. All that we found today were tons of Luigi's, Princesses and Toad's don't get me wrong I love Toad but at the same time, I found so many Toads I was sure I was in Super Mario Bros 3. 

In my collection I even included my other figure's and not just my Mario, K'nex. Like I have said in a getting to know me entry a while ago, I have a bit of aMario and a Plants vs. Zombie Collection. It's not really a huge collection, but it's something I take pride in.

Bullet Bill


Conehead Mummy


Pirate Zombie, without hat (it's on the Frozen zombie instead)

Tanuki Mario



Frozen Basic Zombie w/Pirate zombie's hat

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