Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I am Freya, and I'm so purrty

While there's not much to update on this beautiful Wednesday I did pwomise a few photos of my beautiful self. My human mom said it was hard to capture a good picture of me because I move around way too much, whatever that means. 

Human mom bothered me when I was trying to watch TV, she told me to move because she was watching some people stealing stuff or something. She said I can't be on cable anymore. Sometimes when human daddy is playing Paladins  I'm not allowed by the TV either because he says I get in the way. 

Human sister just left, I feel really sad, everytime human sister's mommy or grandma come and pick her up I cry and look for my sister for awhile when she leaves. I don't know why she has to run away from me. It's not fair, I love my human sister. Shes my best friend.

Mom says this is one of the better photos of me. She says it captures my Harlequin Chin. She said she'd like to get a picture of my paws one day, I have one beige bootie on one of my back paws, and a fully black front paw. She says that's special and it's what makes me pretty. She also loves my big expressive anime eyes. 

This really isn't a photo of me, but mom had a random thought about what I looked like if I was a cat girl. I don't know what a cat girl is, but I think  I'm kinda cute. She got the cat girl version of me from a place called Rinmaru

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