Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Gypsy health?

As promised, I'm bringing some gypsy heritage into to my entries. Us Romani do have a problem with the rest of society accepting us for the reason that we're all con artists, scammers, and no good folks. While yes there's that handful of Romani that does con folk, and scam people out of their hard-earned money, but there's also a lot of us that are not like that. Sure my ancestors lived off the land, read tarot cards, and tea leaves but we also had so many interesting cures.

A bit about my health lately

You may have noticed I went MIA for a few days again. At first I didn't even want to talk about my health, because I didn't want it to become a pitty party or a cop out, but because it's slowing me down yet again and does go along with gypsy health, I figured I'd give a little bit an insight to what is happening with me.

Yesterday I spent about 6 hours at the hospital, and in the ER. It wasn't how I wanted to spend my Monday night. I wanted to be home cuddling next to Freya and sleeping, not in in an 8x8 cubical room. But as I mentioned before, my genetics suck. Yesterday was my first time being diagnosed with Billary Colic, or in easier to understand, a gallbladder attack. My whole family has had their gallbladder removed, and as I get older, I'm aware that I'm not immune to gallbladder issues. I never was immune to it.

So here I am, with tons of medication, to help with the pain, nausea and the acid that come with these attacks, forced to change my diet to the gallbladder friendly diet. No more processed foods, no more whole milk foods, and no more red meat (I'm vegetarian, so no more red meat is pretty easy). Walking through the store while waiting on my pain meds today was tough, everything that I was used to, wasn't what I could eat anymore. It was just my luck. 

A little bit of culture 

Whenever I get sick, I grab my Buckland's Book of Gypsy Magic, this book is a go-to book, for health reasons, and because of gypsy heritage. I'm still learning all I can, so every time something happens I refer back to my book to see if there's something that can be done.

Stomach ailments and the magic with it wasn't my cup of tea. I won't get overly gross but the book mentions something about black dog hairs and feces of a child with stomach pain. So I skipped over that cure right away. I don't think I could handle collecting poop for stomach pain.

Instead, I decided to go see what can be put in my Putsi. A putsi is a gypsy bag for magical items and herbs. I then went a step further, grabbed some clay that I have stored away and made myself a healing talisman. Well, actually I made 4 talismans, one for healing, one for luck, one for wealth and one for protection. All of which were important to me. I'm a horrible artist and don't like the outcome, but it's all about intention, and even if my symbols look awful it helps.

The other things I intend to put in my puts are some herbs, some stones, and some other magical things. For health, I'm looking for adding a white stone, a walnut, a golden coin, or possibly some jade. For wealth, it's suggested to put a gold coin in as well, a magnet or dice. All of which are easy to find,  and can be found nearly anywhere.

Do all these things really work?

It really depends on who you ask, some people who are more open to gypsy magic would say yes. Others would say no. But it's like anything, you can't just have a rock, to help you get money, and you just sit around doing nothing, hoping the money would just fall into your lap. It's not how things in life work. You need to put in an effort.
So yes in a sense they do work, but you work with them. Health, for example, a stone or even an acorn, isn't going to logically make you better. But feeling better is somewhat psychological, your mind needs to stay positive, which is easier said than done but, quite honestly, it's one thing people forget to do when they're sick.

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