Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Good thing about me day 10

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My brother: Do you even know what that word means?
My sister: Yeah she does, she knows tons of big words? 
I didn't intend to connect today with the day before, but this is one of those times that I am able to do that. I remember about 10 years ago at least, my brother asked me if I knew what some word meant, i don't remember what the word was but my sister had to chime and tell him that I had an extensive vocabulary.

When I read or blog, I usually use easier words only because sometimes I do second guess myself, and hope someone understands what I'm saying. Not that I am calling any of my readers unable to read a blog with bigger words, I do know it does take a longer time for someone who doesn't know a word to understand what it means.

Some tricks I've learned to help my vocabulary is to read and read a lot. Not just fiction books, but books that are nonficition, on topics preferably that you like. When it comes to more reference books, and research books there will be words you have no clue about, which is fine, take a note book, or even take a mental note to learn the word you've just learned. 

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