Friday, March 17, 2017

Getting to know my readers. What do you collect

Fennekin, from a Pokeball. 

Mario Cup
The Pokeball Fennekin came in
Most bloggers don't take the chance to get to know their readers and find out what their readers actually like, but I think it's a great idea. I want to get more interaction and more comments. For my first week, I want to know about people's collections. Feel free to answer what you want, and at the end of next week. I will pick people's favorite collection and link your blog to that post so we all can get some kind of exposure.

I have a few small collections, I have my Nintendo collection, which goes with my Pokemon (since they are from Nintendo. I even have some little K'nex Plants vs. Zombies, so it's more of a Nintendo and video game collection.

In the past I used to have a frog collection, but since my dad died, and I don't know what happened to
Mew Purse (not enough room for anything)  and an Eevee bank
 the stuff I left at his place, I don't have as many frogs as I used to. I only have three around the apartment, one is my plushie Webkinz frog, Judas Rust Cooper. Judas Cooper is my metal frog.

My Questions to my readers
  1. What do you like collecting? 
  2. Is there something you've been thinking about collecting but never started?
  3. If you collect stuffed animals do you name any of them? 
  4. What's your most prized possession when it comes to collections?
  5. What do other people think about your collections? Are they understanding?
  6. Would you pass your collection down to a younger family member if you could?
  7. When did you start collecting stuff? 
  8. What websites do you use to buy your stuff for your collection?
  9. What stores are your favorite that have what you collect?

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