Friday, March 24, 2017

Freya Friday.

Human sister came by after school today and spent time with me. I was cool with it until she had the neighbor girl come by. I never really see the little neighbor kid, I was afraid, so I cuddled next to human mommy. She talked to me, and it annoyed me. I don't like when I'm trying to sleep and human mommy talks to me.

Human sister and her friend found more of those fuzzy wormies, I think mom calls them pipe cleaners. I want them all to be my friend, so I picked a few up and carried them off. Human mom said they made a mess and picked them up she's never any fun.

Sister and her friend also were shooting foam dart thingies from a bow and arrow. I thought the darts were cool toys, and when they went to sleep I played with them and even put them in my water dish, then knocked my water bowl over, water went everywhere. Mom yelled at me for making a mess.

So now I'm sleeping on sissy's bed with her, so mommy doesn't yell at me anymore. I'm not really afraid of sissy's friend I'm just a little shy. I'm still a young kitty. Mommy also says when my birthday rolls around she's going to get me a present. She just doesn't know when my birthday is exactly. So she's going to guess, and give me a birthday in July.

That's the life of a little kitty like me. Mom says Wednesday she's going to get more photos of me to share on here. I hate getting my picture taken. She says it's okay though.

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