Friday, March 3, 2017

Freebie Friday with a twist

I really didn't get many freebies this week, at all other than a few magazine. Because I feel bad about not having any Freebies, I'm bring them to you, kind of.

I've been in love with Marvck lately. What exactly is Marvck? It's a site a lot like BzzAgent, Smiley 360, and pages such as that. It's a little different as well. Your tasks you're asked to do, reward you. As an example being a Bounty insider you're asked a question about You share information on Align Jr from P&G Home, and you're able to unlock a coupon, for $5 off of Align Jr. you're even sent products to try. I've tried to cover all of the Marvck sites as there are a few and most are from well-known names.

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